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Hey friends, today we have another session where the couple are gracing us with 3 different looks for their very modern Chicago engagement session. As you may have imagined, this session is also rubbing me in all kinds of pleasant ways because I used to live in Chicago! Oh, they make me miss that city even more! Neha and Ryan are not only flawless in these photos but Miranda of Le Cape weddings has done a fantastic job capturing it and giving us some deets about the couple and the shoot!

How they met/Proposal story

Neha and Ryan, who had met at the University of Chicago, had been great friends for a while before they started dating. December 31, 2012, Neha and Ryan attended the same New Years Eve party. As the clock struck midnight, the couple shared a NYE kiss, which lead to the beginning of their relationship. For a little while, they secretly dated. Neha said, “it was kind of Grey’s Anatomy scandalous”. However, that didn’t last long, considering they were awful at keeping it a secret.

Around the following Thanksgiving, Ryan proposed over a candlelit dinner set up at her apartment- roses and champagne included! Afterwards, he surprised Neha by bringing her to the Hancock Tower, where members of their families awaited to help them celebrate their engagement.


Advice for future brides

“My advice for future couples is to enjoy the process of wedding planning. The actually wedding day happens so quickly, but the planning takes months. It’s important to enjoy every moment and use it as a bonding experience with your fiancé and family. My dad always tells me this whenever I stress out and it’s great advice.

It has been a bonding experience for not only Ryan and me but for us to bond with each other’s families. Watching Ryan’s family embrace my Indian culture has been so sweet and special! Ryan always says that the details of the wedding day don’t matter – what’s important is that we have a loving relationship and a good life together!” – Neha


Advice for those planning same event

“Our suggestion for photographers and couples is to plan ahead, especially because couples are paying per hour. If photographers can scout the venue before the actual photo session, take some pictures of possibilities, that helps a lot. Also, if there will be any wardrobe changes, having those planned in advance helps with the flow of the session.” – Miranda of Le Cape Weddings

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These 2 are just too beautiful together, all three looks are perfect and I’m glad I could share them with you today. Which is your favorite look? I can’t decide between the first and the second!

Vendors – Photographer:  Le Cape, Inc.//Location: Salvage One// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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