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Hey Fashionistas! Today is yet another FashionFriday post with one of Knotsvilla’s favorite store: ModCloth! Apologies the post is coming a bit late than usual hope the prettiness of the dresses would make forgiving your favorite blogger a bit easier 🙂

Let’s be honest, you hear Modcloth and how often do you think of Bridal Dresses? Not often right? The store is known for their fun vintage clothing but also chic, simple but classy bridal dresses for all wedding occasions! So I have gather 10 Modcloth Bridal Dresses featuring whites, off-whites, long dresses, short dresses and more, a variety perfect for the wedding ceremony, reception, engagement party, bridal shower and other wedding related events.

Note: Modcloth is a Knotsvilla sponsor by affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase, Knotsvilla gets compensated, wooohoooo!!! No pressure though!

These Modcloth Bridal Dresses below have been split into 2; the short dresses and the long dresses. Hope you find something that catches your eye!

♄The Short Modcloth Bridal Dresses♄

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - Pearls Night Out DressPearls Night Out Dress – Editor’s Pick!

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - Graceful Garlands DressGraceful Garlands Dress

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - Fit for a Gleam DressFit for a Gleam Dress

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - A Perfect Matrimony DressA Perfect Matrimony Dress

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - Aisle Be There Dress in LilyAisle Be There Dress in Lily

♄The Long Modcloth Bridal Dresses♄

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - Sight to Bedazzle Dress Sight to Bedazzle Dress – Editor’s Pick!

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - Sparkle in Your Style Dress Sparkle In Your Style Dress

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - Sweeten the Occasion DressSweeten the Ocassion Dress

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - Wed and Where DressWed and Where Dress

Modcloth-Bridal Dresses - Ethereal Girl DressEthereal Girl Dress

You see, Modcloth is bangin’ when it comes to Bridal Dresses! Happy #FashionFriday loves, catch me on Twitter for #WeddingChatter by 3pm EST!

PS: Did you notice the slight change on the blog today? We went Blue!

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    I’ve long loved the one with the bow and sparkly detailing. SO cute!


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