Invitations for Your Minimalist Wedding

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While a section of the wedding world is raving about luxe, over-the-top, royal themed weddings, another section is raving about keeping things to a minimum. The rise of minimalist weddings is certainly one we can’t deny and I have to say, I’m seriously loving it especially when it comes to the minimalist wedding invitations!

A minimalist wedding is in most case very relative but to a certain extent all details of such a wedding gives the “no-clutter” vibes and when it comes to wedding invitations, such a clean look certainly has my heart. We’ve spotted these minimalist wedding invitations over on Etsy and for real, they are seriously winning. Whether color is your clutter, or too much calligraphy or actual photos on invitations, these selections would definitely have something perfect for every kind of bride with a love for the minimalist style.

Greenery Wedding invitation Suite – Minimalist Wedding Invitations

Etsy Handmade Invitations for Your Minimalist Wedding | Minimalist Wedding Invitations

Cover Photo by Maddie Mills Photo from Mint and Greenery Wedding

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