Mikaella Spring 2017 Collection | 2017 Wedding Dresses

Here’s to the upcoming new year of gorgeous bridal fashion! We’re introducing the Mikaella Spring 2017 Collection by Mikaella Bridal; the sister collection of Paloma Blanca which we’ve featured a number of times here on KV.

This season, the collection was inspired by a more playful, whimsical spirit, yet still appreciates classic silhouettes. With the incorporation of the latest trends and fabrications, the collection is beaming with femininity, originality and class.

Infused with form-fitting silhouettes and delicate embellishments, Mikaella Bridal has not only stayed true to the light-heartedness that has beamed through previous collections, but have presented modern trends such as daring plunging necklines, illusion bodices, and open backs.

Mikaella Spring 2017 Collection | 2017 Wedding Dresses

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About Mikaella

Mikaella is a division of Paloma Blanca and has remained family owned and operated for over 70 years. We have a renowned reputation for designing and producing high quality wedding gowns that are 100% Canadian made and available at the best bridal shops in over 200 major cities worldwide. Each gown is made with impeccable attention to detail, innovative styling and fit and we pride ourselves on our company’s best-in-class service.

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