A Midwest Military Engagement by Everlasting Love Photography

Today’s Midwest military engagement shoot comes from Iowa and was actually shot at the Iowa State University by Everlasting Love Photography. Much cuteness is shown by Katy and Francois in this shoot, and we all know a man in uniform takes it up a extra notch with his lady in the cutest red lace dress!

The second reason this shoot hits home for me is because I know pretty well what a long distance relationship feels like so I’m always in a hurry to say “kudos” to those in it like these two. Francois is in the Air-force and is currently getting ready for deployment. When planning their engagement photos, they knew they had to incorporate this some how.

Midwest-Military-Airforce-EngagementView More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendesweddingView More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendesweddingMidwest-Military-Iowa-EngagementMidwest-Military-Airforce-EngagementsView More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendesweddingView More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendesweddingMidwest-Military-Engagement

Allow me to rave again about Katy’s look! Her dress, necklace and belt all look like they came together…perfect!

View More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendesweddingView More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendesweddingView More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendeswedding

After enjoying the session with the uniform, the two ended with a more casual feel as the sun dipped below the horizon.

View More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendeswedding View More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendesweddingIowa-State-University-Midwest-Military-Airforce-Engagement View More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendeswedding View More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendesweddingMidwest-Military-Airforce-Engagement-Rings View More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/allendeswedding


Photographer:  Everlasting Love Photography // Other Location: Iowa State University Farm House

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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