Michaela Simpson & Al Stambaugh Engagement Session with Proposal Story

This Blog feature is cutting close to home….Go Illinois!! In addition to that, the joy I receive from the sight of interracial couples just takes this whole feature to a totally different level; like I’m all giddy just typing.

Name of Couple: Michaela Simpson & Al Stambaugh
Future Wedding Date: 6/22/2013
Venue: The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL

Engagement story (by the Bride): Al proposed to me on Friday March 2nd, 2012. He had planned out a whole day for me and I didn’t even know! He called me that morning and told me to be ready to leave the house early in the afternoon, and to pack an overnight bag. I did so, and he called me when he was downstairs to pick me up. When I came downs he started driving and every time I asked where we were going he said Subway. 🙂 I wasn’t even hungry, but I didn’t say anything. We arrived into Downtown Naperville, where he passed the subway and stopped in a parking lot across from Zano’s Salon and Spa in downtown Naperville. He then gave me his credit card and told me I had an appointment for an hour massage and to enjoy it! Giddy with excitement (and a little confused why he was being so nice) I hugged him and kissed him and got out of the car. He told me to call him when I was done. So I went to my appointment, enjoyed every minute and then called him when I was done. He came back to pick me up, and I got in the car. Since I didn’t know I was getting a massage, my makeup had gotten smeared all over my face! I went to turn around to get my makeup bag in my overnight bag and it was gone! I asked him where it was, and he told me he dropped it back off at his place. Shrugging it off we then showed up at the Hotel Arista.
They have a restaurant called SugarToad inside with great martinis, so he said he wanted to get one. We went inside and did just that. We talked, drank great martinis, and had a couple appetizers. Once we were done, he paid and I started headed towards the parking garage where his car was. He tugged at my arm to go towards the elevators. Quite confused, I followed and asked what he was doing to which he replied I just want to check something out. We went up to the top floor and started walking down the hall. We then stopped at a room to which he pulled out the key and opened the door to an amazing sight. There were flower petals all over the floor leading to the bed. The lighting was so romantic and incredible! Then it hit me. He asked me to have a seat on the bench in front of the bed, and I immediately started tearing up. He went into the other room and then returned with his hands behind his back. Then, he got down on one knee, said the sweetest, most loving words I’ve ever heard, and ended them with, “Will you give me the best birthday present ever? Will you marry me?” With tears in both of our eyes, I said “Yes!” It was the most incredible moment of my life!

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