Michael & Kristina’s Atlanta Wedding by Sophia Barrett Studios

Michael and Kristina just make that perfect couple for viewing if you ask me. The two have agreed to share their Sweet, urban and sophisticated themed wedding with all of us and I could not be any happier especially with how perfect Sophia Barrett Studios captured it all. 
Their Story (from the Groom’s heart); 
“I saw Kristina in a Facebook photo late in the summer of 2007 and I decided that I wanted to know who she was. I sent her a friend request and she accepted, but it was not until October 2007 when we were both in our first semesters at law school (in different cities) that I actually sent her a message on Facebook and formally introduced myself. Kristina responded to my message and we started a Facebook conversation that lasted over a month before she finally decided to give me her phone number. I called Kristina the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2007 and almost 5 years later, here we are. For our first date we went to the Sundial at the top of the Westin hotel in Atlanta, GA. The day of our first date, I got Kristina to tell me the name of the salon where she was getting her hair done before our date, and I arranged for sunflowers (her favorite) to be delivered there with a note from me.  
We were engaged on September 10, 2011 at the CoCo Sala Restaurant in Downtown Washington, D.C. We took a trip to D.C. from New York to attend the first annual Howard-Morehouse football classic. Kristina thought we were spending the weekend hanging out with old friends, when in fact, I had been planning with her best friend for a while to propose over dinner. After I proposed, she immediately got on the phone with family and friends, squealing with excitement.” 

Kristina talks about her planning journey: 
“I absolutely adored planning my wedding! I love planning, generally, and I am incredibly indecisive — so it was a joy dabbling into every possible wedding book and blog I could. My driving sub-theme was my love of the ballet. So I let that drive my planning process. My colors were blush, neutrals, gold and cream, and I opted for anything subtly reminiscent of the sultry softness of the ballet. And like any good ballet, the music was the core of our planning. Getting every song right was so important to us!

My favorite part of planning the wedding was deciding on all of our pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception music. There would be nights in our engagement when we would just dance around our apartment to slow songs until we found the ones that fit our love story best.

Michael and I often say that God casted us as the perfect “co-stars” in the reality show of life. To us, every moment we spend together – whether happy, sad, exciting, emotional, etc. – has a soundtrack. Thus, we spent a really long time planning every song that would be played during the ceremony and dinner. We chose a mix of neo-soul, jazz, and r&b classics, opting for the tunes of Goapele, Jill Scott, Maxwell, John Legend, Kem, John Coltrane, and the like. The ceremony was incredibly emotional for us, and it made the moments so much more special to have the love songs that we connected with playing in the background. The bridesmaids and groomsmen entered to “Closer” by Goapele. Michael entered to “So Beautiful” by Musiq. We were introduced as a married couple to “Green Light” by John Legend. I walked down the aisle to “He Loves Me” by Jill Scott. Our first dance was to “Diggin on You” by TLC. I still can’t listen to any of these songs to this day without either crying or laughing hysterically at a funny moment from our Big Day!”

Location: The Biltmore Ballrooms, Atlanta | Wedding Dress: Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld | Florist: Jackie, Stylish Sterns | DJ & MC: DJ SixFive | Transportation: J&L Limousine Service | Videography: Ryan, Imagine Video Productions | Wedding Planner: Eliana, ellyB events | Make-Up: Carmen Harris, Love over Logic (Atlanta) | Hair Stylist: Todd, Purple Door Salon (Atlanta) | Photography: Sophia and Derrick, Sophia Barrett Studios | Tierd Cake: Lisa, Couture Cakes | Cake Bar: Piece of Cake | Vintage Rentals: Charles, Settee Rentals | Catering: Rhys, Endive Fine Catering | Cocktail Hour Live Musicians: thehc3

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