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Brooch Bouquet by Pressley & Co

Another VendorLove that is really dear to my heart. I can imagine that not everyone wakes up and wakes up strong after the loss of their 71 day old husband, but Phyllisann Pressley did.

Her Story: Phyllisann is a 42 year old mother, based in Hendersonville, NC and the founder and sole owner of Pressley & Co Bridal Accessories. At the time of planning her wedding to her late husband (Travis), she fell in love with non-floral ideas for her ceremony but when she looked into them (Brooch bouquets) the prices were not pleasant at all; ranging from $600- $1000. So Phyllisann with the help of her WeddingWire friends, researched and came up with her own custom made piece. According to her, this company was formed when she was contacted by a beautiful bride who saw her work for her own wedding and begged her to create her bouquet…”at that moment I felt alive again. This is what I was meant to do until I am with my Travis again.” Phyllisann said.
Pressley & Co Bridal Accessories is for now, an online store that specializes in heart felt creations with each bride’s individual personality placed in. Her mission is “to provide the best products and service to my brides at the lowest prices possible.” Pressley & Co has acquired clients in various parts of the world; Australia, UK, Saudi Arabia, and she is happily welcoming more.

Phyllisann shares..

Her Challenges: “The only challenge I have, is to keep costs down for my brides.”
Her experience with her very first client: “My first Client was Betsy. This Bride had her own unique story; she wanted me to incorporate her Fathers Royal Navy Tie and a few old pictures in her bouquet. I was honored that she trusted me so much to give me her loved possessions. Her and her mother both loved the bouquet and have sent me so many thank you’s since last year. Betsy is now one of my current friends and keeps in contact with me to make sure I am doing okay.”
Advice for upcoming vendors in this area of profession: “Stick with what you know. Do not try and copy anyone’s vision. Reach from within and your creations will stand out to the ones who need them.”

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Brooch Bouquet by Pressley & Co
Brooch Bouquet by Pressley & Co
Brooch Bouquet by Pressley & Co
Brooch Bouquet by Pressley & Co
Fabric Bouquet by Pressley & Co
Brooch Bouquet by Pressley & Co
Dazzled Shoes by Pressley & Co
Pearl Package by Pressley & Co
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4 Responses

  1. Missy

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful article. Phyllisann is one of my closest and dearest friends and her love story with Travis was one that showed many of us that true love does exist! Her creations are made from the heart and there is so much good and loving energy put into them for each of the brides that have entrusted her with a part of their wedding day!


  2. Jess

    She is a compleat rip off, I ordered from her for my bouquet and my 6 girls and toss bouquet along with shoes, got them in the mail today, they are all falling apart, horrible, doesn’t look anything like her pictures, Being held together with toothpicks, and hot glue that I might add is all over the “flowers” all my girls bouquets are missing broaches and none of them match different amount of flowers different colours, everything is horrible and nothing like what we discussed they would look like, flowers are made of ribbon and not saten or silk I contact her about them and she blocked me from Facebook chat. she’s ruined my wedding. My shoes should be those gorgeous pearl wedges, there shouldn’t be any read anywhere! Zipper should be in the back and now I have a huge ugly zipper up the middle and all the “pearls and rhinestones” are falling off…Presley and co is a scam!


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