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Some had asked why I had never posted a picture of myself on here at all. While there is no “real” answer I think a little to it is the fact that when I start, I probably cant stop! Don’t freak out, I’d still manage to keep this blog more about Weddings, but I felt it might do some good for you to see what this “radical blogger” looks like. So I figured what better day to reveal myself for the first time on the blog other than the day I was born 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today I add another year and though I do not have any major plans I am most grateful I get to spend the day with my darling husband 🙂

Thanks to the Google+ Followers, Facebook Family and Instagram Followers…oh and those that would rather just subscribe to this blog….It’s good to know there are other wedding crazed people like me out there.

Have an awesome weekend luvs!

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