Mason Jar Centerpieces: Styling Your Rustic Wedding

Happy new week and happy new month! Isn’t it crazy how fast this year has been? We are finally in the last month of 2014 and I am already getting pumped for 2015! With all my excitement I wanted us to talk a bit about styling your mason jar centerpieces for your rustic wedding. You see, 10 months ago I blogged about Rustic centerpieces and that post has been one of the top 5 posts on this blog. With that it was pretty clear KV readers love the rustic side of things so exploring the mason jar side seemed like a perfect idea for a new month!

After browsing the fabulous www (world wedding web), I have been specifically drawn to these 10 ways to style your mason jar centerpieces for your rustic wedding. These ways comprise of 3 areas to focus on when styling;

  1. What you put in the mason jar,
  2. What you put under the mason jar and
  3. What you put on the mason jar (the body).

Of course these are just a few but I hope they lead you in a creative and unique direction when using mason jar centerpieces for you wedding or other events.

What’s IN it?

1. Flowers


Photo by Stephanie Karen Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

2. Tulle


Photo via Uptown Abby Etsy Shop (Affiliate link)

What’s UNDER it?

3. Tree Stumps


Photo by Dave Richards via Ruffled Blog

4. Books


Photo by Shannen Norman Photography via Style Me Pretty

What’s ON it?

5. Burlap or Twine


Photo by George Hausler Photography via Kiss Wedding


Photo by David Pascolla Photography via Wedding Chicks

6. Lace


Photo by Angie Garfield Photography via Style Me Pretty


Photo by Rachel Rowland Photography via Fab You Bliss

7. Glitter


Photo by Young Hearts Photography via Ruffled Blog


Photo via Creative Party Place

8. Paint


Photo by Holly Frazier Photography via Knotsvilla

9. Custom Engraved Letters


Photo via Wedding Outlet

10. Heart (or other shape) design


Photo by PhotoCaptiva via Flower Towne

Hope that was a fun roundup of how to make your mason jar centerpieces stand out. Happy planning!

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