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Lynette Tee

Times like these I remember how powerful the social media is, especially when I look at it through the eyes of a blogger. Discovering Lynette was like my “Hey We, the social media got power!” wake-up call which I guess I needed because honestly there are sometimes I tend to forget and belittle the likes of Facebook, twitter and Instagram. I remember vividly how I came across Lynette; I posted a picture on my Instagram about E.W.A.M and as usual, the hashtags made my photo traceable – Lynette “liked” the photo and I clicked on her to see what exactly she did even though her Instagram name already clearly said “lynetteteemakeup” After a few minutes scrolling down her photos on Instagram I moved over to her Facebook with my goal – “I have to have her featured on E.W.A.M.” I thought her work was spectacular and deserved to be shown.
Who knows, E.W.A.M might have Malaysia viewers planning their weddings and in search of a make up artist/Hair stylist ūüôā

Meet Lynette, this Instagram and Facebook sensation who is continuously wow-ing her followers with her work as a makeup artist and Hair stylist.

About Lynette: Lynette Tee, 25, is currently a full time bridal make up artist at the Keep Gallery Wedding Studio in Malaysia. Lynette grew up in Malaysia where she currently resides. During her early years in college where she studied hospitality, Lynette always found herself interested in helping friends with their hair and makeup for different events. Having noticed her interest in the art of make up and hair styling, Lynette later pursued her passion by attending Top to Toe beauty college where she received her professional Diploma for her current career.
Find her of FB as “Lynette Tee Make Up” and Instagram as “lynetteteemakeup

Lynette shares;

Her very first experience on the job

It was dinner makeup for my bride’s wedding. I was still very fresh and I was so nervous since I was doing her wedding makeup without doing any trial. It took me a very long time to set up her hair and makeup. Fortunately, my bride was very kind and trusting which gave me courage. Luckily she was on time for her dinner and she was very pleased with her makeup and styling.

Lessons learned

Communication, patience, time control. As a bridal make up artist I learned to communicate with my brides, so that I understand what makeup they prefer – not what I like, but what they like. I also learned to be patient while doing the makeup on each of the brides, as it is in my hands to make her the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. But at the same time, I have to do it on time, brides can’t wait..

Advice to upcoming make up artists

Love your job, work for your job, not the money. I’m just a dreamer like you after all…¬†

The Before and Afters


Hair by Lynette

 Finished and Read to go!

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