The making of a Custom made Wedding Dress – Guest Post

Reality TV shows have forever immortalized the way women shop for their wedding gowns. Shows like “Say Yes to the dress” have shown the prospective bride how flamboyant, glamorous and often dramatic, shopping for her dream dress can be. But Ms.bride-to-be, have you ever thought about something a bit more intimate, probably a lot more creative than the traditional off the rack bridal gown shopping? Have you ever thought of getting your gown specially designed?

I have been fortunate enough to be the daughter of Canadian based bridal gown designer, Elizabeth Lee Adeghe (E.L.A. Designs), so my entire life has been spent working through the process of creating dresses. Whether it was my first communion, a friend’s sweet 16, or a friend’s wedding – for years, I sat with her and created many dresses that now hang proudly in my closet. I’ve also watched her, for almost 25 years, do the same thing for brides and their bridal party across the Greater Toronto and Ottawa area – bringing dream dresses to life. It’s truly an amazing and rewarding experience for both my mother and her clients.

For those who want a better understanding of designing your gown, I wanted to give readers/brides-to-be/anyone, an idea of what it’s like creating a gown with us and hopefully encourage those out there to put a bit more YOU into the process.


First things First, It’s important for the bride to provide an idea of what she likes – dress inspiration, ideal textures and fabrics. This is for the designer to create a style specifically for the bride. I suggest flipping through bridal magazines beforehand to know what you want, however it’s not necessary to bring in cut outs or examples. Remember, you are working with a designer who will create her piece for YOU not a compilation of other designers work.

This is the fun part – the sketching. With every expressed detail, my mother sketches out the blueprints of your dream gown. It is here we discuss fabrics, trimmings, and all other embellishments. We work within your budget and will make suggestions on fabric type and trimmings.

When the time for fitting comes, wear the bra (or a similar bra) to the one you plan to wear on your big day. You’ll be fitting the lining (or the shell of your dress). Pins will be added to the gown so the designer knows where to take in the gown and make adjustments. For the final fitting, especially if you have requested an at home fitting/consultation, feel free to bring your bridesmaids, better yet if they’ve had their dresses designed and made too, do the big reveal together. With E.L.A Designs we like to do a champagne toast for the final fitting to make an event of it.

The end result is a gown made to your specifications, made to your every suggestion, your likes, your wishes – this is designed together by sketch then handcrafted to fit perfectly. We want to help make that walk down the aisle an even more memorable experience for you.

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This article has been written  and submitted by Amena Adeghe, the daughter of E.L.A. Designs. Knotsvilla is happy to share with her readers vendors especially from the Greater Toronto area such as this mother and daughter team. E.L.A. Designs is currently a listed Knotsvilla Wedding Vendor. For more information about custom designed gowns with E.L.A. Designs and how to book your appointment in Toronto/Ottawa, contact – [email protected] or call 1.866.508.3330

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