Making All things New: A Reconciliation Story and A Surprise Wedding


This weekend was an absolutely amazing one for me but would have been way better if I and my husband had made the KLove Fan Awards in Nashville! Though I missed, I tried to follow via my radio in the midst of my very busy weekend. You see, I am not very good with knowing the artists I hear on KLove radio but I know the songs pretty well, so I always have that “Oh that’s the lady/guy that sang the song?!” moment whenever the names are reveled. That was exactly how I felt when I figured out who sang one of my fave songs; “Need You Now”– Plumb, and to top it all up she was sharing her amazing story of how her and her husband reconnected after 6 months of separation. You bet that now, I would probably never forget this artist.

These are photos she shared on her Facebook fan page by Melissa Jackson. Please listen to this interview of the whole story and see how awesome God is with this reconciliation!

This wedding was a surprise wedding planned by her husband and according to Plumb, she would have had it any other way. Love the reconciliation story and the fact that her husband put it all together – Listen to the the reconciliation story here.

How beautiful? Hope you enjoyed listening to her story and being amazed how he planned a “surprise wedding”!


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