Magnolia Haze Styled Shoot

The inspiration behind this Magnolia Haze styled shoot was the changing of seasons and the blooming of spring flowers and lush greenery in the country side of British Columbia, Canada. This fun and playful shoot was put together with the thought of incorporating spring and the blossoming of the Magnolia trees which led to the right location that provided that!

About the Magnolia Haze Styled Shoot

The magnolia tree was beautiful and was just blossoming with the first flowers of spring and delicate petals tied in greatly with the delicate features of the model. The model wore a beautiful strappy custom dress that hung and moved as gracefully as the blooming flowers.

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The cupcakes were done by a local bakery in the form of blooming flowers in pastel colors and pastel colored marshmallows and mini donuts added to our spring pastel theme. The team chose to go with big vintage chairs and a few old vintage trunks as the backdrop for our sweet table. The dark vintage chairs gave a contrast to the light pastel details on the table while the bright pops of pink peonies tie it all together. The bridal bouquet was loose and wild and full of pastel blooms surrounded by lush greenery. Its size accented the petite model beautifully.

The colored smoke that was chosen was a creative choice. “It was a lot of fun seeing and trying to control where the smoke was going to go. We ultimately realized that we couldn’t really control it and there was so much beauty in the chaos of it all. The colored smoke adds a very unique touch to a wedding day and can be a very memorable experience for the more adventurous couple.” – Warin Marie Photography


Photography: Warin Marie Photography  | Location: Maple Ridge, BC, Canada | Florals & Decor: Maple Ridge Florist | Dress: Ellebay Bridal | Hairpiece: Olivia Headpieces | Jewelry: Once Upon A Tea Leaf | Hair: @Globyclo | Makeup: Swank Makeup | Calligraphy: Jess Delves | Cake: Hansel and Gretel Bakery | Assistant: Owl and Lily Photography | Model: Christina Lange

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