Let’s Talk Colors: Something Soft

Not everyone likes to have a colored theme wedding. 
Honestly I have found that if not done right, could be a total mess. It’s really not only about loving and wanting colors but I believe there is actually a skill to knowing how to pull it off. But this is the secret you never know until you are literally faced with the problem. Then you wonder “Why can’t this go with this?” To an outsider, it is nothing serious; nothing to consider much. But to a wedding planner it is a gateway to perfection. 
I strongly would advise that color themed weddings should not be considered if you don’t yet understand the whole idea; the colors are part of the story of your wedding. For those who are highly interested in these I would suggest you marry Google and Pinterest right now to find more inspiration of the colors and how to make them work.
Photos below should inspire you on; 
What to color
What to not color 
and of course 
How to blend them all together.


Photo gotten from http://ewamblog.blogspot.com/2012/11/from-internet-to-starbucks-to-reality.html

Personally, I am loving this new Mint trend; how softer can a color get? My friend’s status on Facebook read “Mint is the new Black“, I couldn’t agree more! If Facebook were to allow more than one like best believe I would have over “liked” that status message 🙂 

Photo from http://ewamblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/in-massachusetts-x-hannah-persson.html

Don’t be fooled; Pink is not yet out of season! Okay maybe the hot bright one that screams “hey I love Barbie” with terrible combination but definitely not the many other shades of pink. Like I mentioned above; the right combination is KEY. 
The combination Pink-Grey and Pink-Green seem to be one of my very best (I am actually considering one for my Vow Renewal in 4 months). While I interpret the first as a more formal look the second takes the cake for me; it boldly says “Nature!”

Are you considering a color and need help with ideas? 

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