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Hi Guys!
Gee is in a happy and bubbly mood today and I felt I should draft this post quickly to share why!

Notice the look? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Okay fine, I know it is not all that different but somehow I am still excited because it is a change. I was hoping for a cleaner look and I think I achieved that by dropping the lot’s of pink on the side and making it white. Plus a girl likes to play with html so what can I say? 🙂

Also I changed my pic on the Editor side to your right! Yay!! Thanks to Dami over at DuduNorth who asked me to take this pic for a totally different purpose (this is the original reason for the pic, Yay I was featured!) and when it came out…I figured Picasa could help me switch it up to another purpose…so here it is 🙂

It’s a Canada weekend!! Can I get a “Yeah Yeah Yeah” in Lil Jon’s voice??? Lol…I’m heading out for the weekend at about 8 this evening (actually that reminds me, I am not even sure when my flight is! I need to check again) so I’m all giddy about seeing that man that gave me his last name.

Lastly…EWAM is on Two Bright Lights! Whoohooo! It’s only been a day as a publisher and I’m shocked at the awesome feedback. Don’t worry only the photographers would understand what the fuss is all about..as for you, just smile and say Congrats 🙂

That’s about it folks…
There was no Wedding World News today I guess this could replace it huh? Let’s call it the Gee’s World news! Lol.

Adios lovers!

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