Legends By Romona Keveza Spring 2017

This season’s Legends by Romona Keveza collection is also inspired by the city of love – Paris, just as the namesake collection we featured a few days ago. The collection specifically pays homeage to La Vie En Rose which for Romona Keveza, is a state of being. Romantic lace and a hypnotic blush palette, all come together in a magical midsummer’s night dream for the Spring 2017 collection.

The emphasis throughout the Legends by Romona Keveza collection is placed on femininity in all of it’s resplendent forms, with ample use of French hand-sewn laces, Chantilly lace and “La Vie En Rose” — a custom-made lace, created specifically for the Spring 2017 collection and offered throughout the collection of timeless silhouettes.

Legends by Romona Keveza

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