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Something we don’t see too often here on KnotsVilla are proposal sessions, so the few times they come around I tend to make them a huge deal, especially when the photographer is a familiar vendor! Today’s Lava Fields Hawaii Proposal Session is nothing short of sweet with beautiful photography by Chantal Lachance-Gibson photography, who you may remember from this wedding, and also happens to be the sister to the groom-to-be!

Chantal and her family spent a very special 3 weeks in Hawaii Island hopping. Her brother, Jean-Claude, brought his girlfriend – Shabnam –  along planning to find the perfect spot to pop the question. With help from Chantal and her husband, there was some location scouting in and around Kihei, which was concluded when they found the lava fields which finished in white sandy beaches on the ocean side.

The following day they all got dressed up and headed out for lunch with a pitstop to the beach before. Chantal and Jean-Claude had devised a signal to give him the go ahead once Chantal found the perfect spot, lighting wise and composition wise, which ended up being even more special as afterwards they found a heart shaped rock in the tree where he proposed…and she said yes

Lava-Fields-Hawaii-Proposal-bride Lava-Fields-Hawaii-Proposal-photos Lava-Fields-Hawaii-Proposal-shoot Lava-Fields-Hawaii-Proposal-couple Lava Fields Hawaii Proposal Lava-Fields-Hawaii-Proposal-ring Lava-Fields-Hawaii-Proposal-love Lava-Fields-Hawaii-Proposal-greeneryLava-Fields-Hawaii-Proposal-session-kv Lava-Fields-Hawaii-Proposal-pair

Photographer: Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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