Lakeside Picnic Engagement by Kati Hewitt Photography

When: July 20, 2016 | Where: Texas | Theme: Casual, Picnic, Lakeside, Beach

For Alyssa and Todd’s session, they chose to go to the lake along with a picnic blanket, sunflowers, and cider to have a picnic of their own right by the water. Their Lakeside Picnic Engagement session is so relaxed and beautiful at the same time, full of laughter, love and great lighting!

Lakeside Picnic Engagement

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How They Met

“We met at Texas A&M University our freshman year through a group of mutual friends at our church. It only took a few two-step dances for me to notice him! He had some pretty great moves. On our very first official date we were supposed to have a picnic at a local park, but all the rain has caused the area to flood! We ended up having the picnic in the back of his truck instead. Todd brought sparkling apple cider and pineapple for the picnic. We couldn’t have real wine and Todd didn’t know much about me yet, but he knew that I loved pineapple. From then on, sparkling cider and pineapple became a bit of a tradition. We had it on our one year anniversary when we recreated our first date (this time actually having the picnic in the park!).”

The Proposal

“When he proposed, we took a hike to the top of Eisenhower Park in San Antonio. There is an observation deck at the top. We set up a picnic with little battery powered candles (burn ban), pineapple, and sparkling cider. We started two stepping to the country playlist he had made. And all of a sudden he was down on one knee saying the sweetest most wonderful things. I, of course, said yes! So when we had a picnic engagement photo shoot – we had to bring along pineapple and sparkling cider too!!”

Wedding Planning Advice

Alyssa provided us with very detailed tips we had to share in a separate post. Keep up with our updates so as not to miss Alyssa’s 7 Wedding Planning tips!


Photographer:  Kati Hewitt Photography//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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