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Online shopping is most certainly not a new concept when it comes to everyday consumer goods. However, when it comes to shopping for things like engagement rings online, a lot of people are still quite apprehensive.

While it is understandable that buying items that cost thousands of dollars — especially one so small in size — might make some individuals a bit apprehensive, times are quickly changing and more companies (like Clean Origin) are doing all they can to alleviate such understandable fears and have you online shopping in peace.

When attempting to purchase your wedding or engagement rings online, consider carefully the companies you use. Seek out companies that will give you a smooth and confident shopping experience. To make this decision, there are four key things to keep in mind;

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Know the Company/Diamond Story

Research will always be the first point, as you should always know as much as you can about a company before buying from them. There are tons of companies that offer diamond engagement rings, but a quick google search will help you narrow that list fairly quickly.

Many people nowadays are looking for a particular backstory not only for the company, but for the diamonds. It’s important to ask: Are they conflict free? Are they ethical? Are they sustainable? Questions like these should be easily answered on the “About Us” page, or with a quick phone call.

One thing you might want to research on your own is the idea of “conflict free”. Although some companies will tout this phrase, there’s actually only one way to be absolutely 100% sure…and that’s by buying lab-grown diamonds.

Available Customer Service

Unless you are well versed in diamond rings, using a website with readily available customer service will come in very handy. It’s possible that you’ll have a lots of questions to ensure you are making the right decision. Not having readily available (and responsive) customer service will most definitely slow you down or rob you of a good experience.

Look for sites that have either 24-hour customer service or regular business hours but in a time zone you can work with. That way you are armed with a site that is ready to hear and answer all your questions, guiding you to the right purchase.

It’s also fairly easy to gauge the customer service team of a company by looking through their reviews.

Generous Return Policy

When spending so much money online, a good return policy will always give you some sense of peace of mind while doing so. Shortlist your website choices by this feature and know that for whatever reason you choose not to keep the ring, you can exchange or return it within a reasonable amount of time.

Some companies offer return windows such as 30 days or 60 days, companies like Clean Origin are extremely generous and offer a 100-day return policy. This means you have over 3 months to make your decision!

Clear and Accurate Images for Viewing

Believe me, it’s never fun when you receive your engagement ring package and it looks much smaller in person. This is usually due to the online store not having an accurate viewing of the ring on their website.

To avoid that, use a website that gives you multiple angles, photo ranges or even a video of the ring. It’s even better when there’s a real or simulated hand to show how the ring will look while it’s being worn.

Companies like Clean Origin have a mission to offer the absolute best online shopping experience. Get familiar with their story and browse their site for the perfect lab-grown diamond. Then, when you’re ready to order, reach out to their experience diamond experts with any questions or even just to place your order over the phone. With free shipping, free resizing, a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and a 100-day return policy, they will do everything they can to make your online shopping experience a smooth one.

Happy shopping!

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