Kente to Palettes; Ghana Kente for the Wedding

Some of you may know my love for Kente material pretty much went to up a notch after my recent trip to Ghana. It probably began when I bought my first Ghana Kente skirt designed by my friend Maryam Garba designs, then I took the trip and was fully immersed into the world of Kente – unfortunately I did not come back from my trip with any new piece of Kente, ugh!

Kente cloth is a type of silk fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the country of Ghana, where it was first developed in the 12th century – Orbane. Since we are in our culture-ful month of August, I decided to explore this beautiful look and also shed a bit on the Ghana culture through some bridal looks with Kente. I figured Knotsvilla’s audience would appreciate a Kente to Palettes kind of post.

Get ready for some serious over-dose of color, pattern and of course, darling ladies!


Details to Note: As a lover of purple, this just had to be the #1! Apart from the color combination (Purple and Orange), I couldnt help but spot her beautiful necklace. Tres belle! Photo by Tixs Multimedia


Details to Note: Her long braids give this photo so much character in addition to the big bow tied to her side and the many colors of this outfit. Photo by Tixs Multimedia


Details to Note: This is not as modern as the previous two and for that, I’m in love. The piece of cloth on her side, head wrap and those neck beads; hello culture! Photo by Bank.Foto


Details to Note: Isn’t this bride just a darling? I am loving how she used the kente cloth and colors as accents – strap, belt and necklace – on her all white top look. Photo by Fondjo Images


Details to Note: This look is not as color bold as others but still the kente is not just used as accents. A great mix to how she wears it, couple with the fact that this brown girl is just stunning! Photo by Lightville


Details to Note: Another use of my favorite color on such a happy bride. This combination is a little similar to the first with the use of purple and orange/yellow. Her off-shoulder strap makes her look more feminie and I love it! Photo by Ekow Arkoful


Details to Note: Her ruffled one hand strap is an interesting addition to this bridal look. The mix of many colors and her natural make up balance the whole look perfectly! Photo by Possible Image


Details to Note: This is another favorite; it’s has a more modern feel to it which is beautiful as well. A one hand sleeved strap with few colors and green as the leading color. Perfect subtle necklace to match her dress and of course a not so subtle make up work great together! Photo by Ekow Arkoful


Details to Note: I love the mix of the colors! Like they are all over the place without looking messy and her eye make up and simple jewelry compliments the whole look perfectly! Photo by Lightville

* * * * * *

Like I said, over-dose of color! For those that know me, color makes me a little too excited and couple that with the fact that I am Ghanaian by marriage…way too excited! Hope this color and pattern bursting post got you wide awake and ready for the new week!

For more color palettes post like this, check out Petals to Palettes and Henna to Palettes, yes I love to play with colors that much 🙂

PS: You can read more about the Kente Cloth on Orbane

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  1. Ify Ada |

    Oh, I didn’t know you were Ghanaian by marriage. How cool. Did you wear kente for your wedding?

    I never knew how pretty kente could be. I used to think it was just limited to red, gold, green, and black colors.

  2. Audy

    Hello !
    I’m interested by the kente for my bridemaids. where can i buy the purple and orange model ?
    thank you for helping


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