Kelly and CJ: A Long Distance Love & Perfect Proposal

Every love story is special but to me, long distance ones are just extra special for obvious reasons; I am currently in one. So today’s feature is really one I’m smiling and cheesing about. After the last EWAMHowHeAsked feature which was a lovely surprise from Ali to Tamara a few weeks back, today we have Kelly and CJ in today to make our hearts warm and our smiles widen with her proposal story.

>>>Kelly writes
My fiance CJ and I have lived 500 miles away from each other for over a year as I pursue my degree in Georgia and he serves in the National Guard in Arkansas (note to anyone else attempting to do the same: yes, long-distance relationships are hard and painful at times, but if you’re both committed to making it work, they can also be one of the best growing experiences). A few months after moving, we received the discouraging news that his unit would be getting deployed in early 2013. CJ had already decided to move to Georgia when he returned to the states and marriage plans had been discussed, but the consensus was that we would wait until he got back before making anything official.

Or so I thought!
In February of this year, my best friend made plans to take me on a late birthday outing, not giving me any details except that I was required to dress up and shave my legs (only a true friend would add the last one, and boy am I glad she did!). We ended up at my favorite local winery near closing time, and when we walked in my heart stopped as I saw CJ standing in front of a beautiful table set up in front of the fireplace overlooking the vineyards. I was stunned as he approached me and immediately got down on one knee. Unfortunately, I can’t remember a word he said besides, “Will you marry me?” as he pulled a gorgeous Vera Wang diamond ring out of his pocket and put it on my finger. Everything about it was perfect.
Looking back, it was the perfect day, and I honestly wouldn’t have changed one thing about it. CJ is now deployed, so long-distance has taken on a whole new meaning, but he has been amazing at staying involved in the planning process, even to the point of getting a Pinterest account to keep up with all my ideas. What a guy! The wedding will be in August of 2014, so between now and then there are so many things to get done, and EWAM has been SUCH a big help!
Kelly am a ketchup fanatic, and everyone makes fun of her for putting it on almost everything, so CJ had a custom bottle made as a keepsake.


Kelly, thank you so much for allowing EWAM to be a huge help in your planning process, I am so happy because I did not expect to see that line included in your write up, thank you so much!

This blog has been keeping busy lately and though it can be stressful I am so glad that we do not lack content! So let me use this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all the submissions that keep coming in, EWAM hearts you <3

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  1. Mrs. Pancakes

    i love when men are thoughtful….congrats to the happy couple!

  2. xoPinkMargarita

    Wow, I just love this story and I love how he had a custom Ketchup bottle made for her :o) <3

  3. Kelly H.

    Thank you for featuring us! And thank you guys for your sweet words 🙂


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