How to Keep Your Summer Wedding Guests Cool

With us in dire need of the end of winter, we decided to be hopeful for a better weather and chat about Summer weddings during the #WeddingChatter chat yesterday. From the reasons why we prefer a summer wedding to the food and beverages that are perfect for them, we were able to cover quite extensively, details of what works when planning summer weddings.

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In this post we are taking the wedding guest angle and discussing 5 ways to keep your wedding guests cool in the heat of your summer wedding, especially if it’s outside. No one likes to be grouchy and sweaty for a wedding, so every couple should keep these in mind when planning a summer wedding.

1. Pass on the Information

If the day of the wedding has a track record of being really hot (4th of July), sharing this information with the guests should not be overlooked. Sometimes the date on the invitation/save the date might not be enough, a couple can go further by putting a note on the wedding website of the possible heat and urging the guests to dress appropriately.

2. Hand Fans & Parasols

These are usually the first go to options of items just for this purpose. If a wedding is held outside on a sunny day, fans and parasols for the guests would not only be very useful but can add some style to the wedding. To keep things even more stylish one can opt for wedding programs as fans or offer the fans as the wedding favors.

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3. AC Units

Whether the outdoor summer wedding will be held in a tent or out in the open air, one should consider renting high-quality, portable air conditioning units/fans that have had their strength and noise tested prior to the wedding. You want the cooling effective but the noise kept to a minimum so it is not distracting.

4. Hydration Stations

According to Jasmine of My Hotel Wedding during the chat yesterday, the key to summer weddings is keeping guests hydrated. With readily accessible hydration stations of water and/or unique flavored drinks as a quick refreshment, summer wedding guests can be kept cool and allowed to enjoy the wedding even more.


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5. Shorter/Later Ceremonies

Another way to avoid your guests from burning in the summer heat would be the option of shorter and/or later wedding ceremonies. While it might be ideal to have an hour long wedding ceremony for some couples, in the heat of the summer, keeping it as short as possible could be a better idea. For those not interested in tweaking the length of the ceremony, the option of having it much later in the day – when the weather is much cooler – can be another way to keep the guests from burning up.

Question of the Day: What other tips can you think of to keep the summer wedding guests cool?

Thanks to all who were present for yesterday’s #WeddingChatter session – 03/01/2015. Judene – See You There Invitations | Jasmine – My Hotel Wedding | Linda – Picture Your Love | Paloma Blanca | Simone – Pure Elegance Toronto | Loren – Joy Kawai Consulting

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