Ivy & Aster Fall 2016 Bridal Collection

Ivy & Aster presented its latest collection to press and buyers from around the globe at a new location in the lower level and gardens of Darling NYC boutique. Inspired by both the lush hidden gems in the middle of Manhattan and green mysterious forests found across the globe, designer Jessica Brown imagined her brides as lost in a forest, both literally and figuratively.

“A forest represents the ultimate setting for a fairy tale,” says Brown. “Even if her wedding is in the middle of a busy city, bringing elements of the outside in creates a sense of being lost in a forest of love, evoking a romantic vision on your wedding day.”

Acknowledged for its romantic-meets-bohemian style, Ivy & Aster dreams up gowns and dresses for every bride’s personal fairy tale. The independent, free-spirited line draws inspiration from wistful storytelling; its namesake represents the tale of two young girls, Ivy and Aster, imagining their own wedding days. With an ever-changing and creative perspective on bridal, Ivy & Aster consistently pulls inspiration from the romance and love that are at the core of weddings, current trends, and the latest in textile and fiber development. The collection is also created with a bride’s budget in mind, as most dresses are priced from $1,000 to $3,000.

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Ivy & Aster models debuted silk, lace and tulle creations in a presentation-style show featuring the latest fall colors, ‘20s-inspired hair, touches of gold leaves, and gilded headpieces with hints of nature throughout. Golden mannequins were playfully positioned in contrast to the live beauties modeling the wide range of this season’s offerings, which include: multi-layered lace gowns, soft tulle layers, flowing chiffon, separates with customizable options, gold-printed chiffons, and a custom print for the bridesmaids.

Ever the fan of collaboration, Brown collaborated on two special projects this season with like-minded designers Heather Wells of Heart of Gold Designs and Ashley Woodson Bailey of AWBPrints. Heather handcrafted the gilded hairpieces custom made to suit this season’s vision. Known for her “florography,” Ashley perfectly captured a dark flower, reminiscent of Dutch still-life paintings, and translated this image into a chiffon fabric. The result was beautifully colorized four ways to coordinate with the most popular bridesmaid’s colors.

About Ivy & Aster

Based in Atlanta, GA, Ivy & Aster is a collection of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses born from happiness, laughter, and love. With a meticulous desire to perfect the details, Ivy & Aster designs with flowing femininity, sprinkles in sweet simplicity, and adds a dash of whimsy to create dresses that tell the story of your wedding day. Both bridal and social collections are available in retailers throughout the US, as well as internationally in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Russian Federation, Lithuania, China, and Canada. To learn more about Ivy & Aster, visit www.ivyandaster.com.

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