It’s a new section-It’s all about "How He Asked"

After listening to our readers we have decided to introduce our latest section- 
The #EWAMHowHeAsked section.
The new section is comfortably sitting right next to the “Real Weddings” section- Easy find I say!.
Now for those that may not have the wedding or engagement photos just yet and feel they can’t be a part of this blog, the introduction of this new section should be like music to your ears 🙂
Our readers (myself included) would absolutely want to hear the proposal stories so we can “Awwww” all the way while we send you great wishes for your beautiful journey ahead.
So send it in!
We are “patiently” waiting 🙂

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  1. Blog WistfulGlance

    Hey! I just have seen that the Rss feed of this blog is functioning without any failures, did you somehow fulfill all the settings on your own or you used the initial settings of the widget?


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