Is Having a Weekday Wedding A Bad Idea?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the world is changing and the sound of a weekday wedding is not as unheard of as it once used to be. However if a couple is thinking of having a weekday wedding, careful considerations should most definitely be made.

My usual answer is plain and straight to the point: It depends. Hahah, I know sometimes people want a straight “Yes” or “No” answer but really there isn’t one for this question as it really is a matter of preference, circumstance and a few other factors to be considered by the couple. So today, I’m thinking I’d list out a few things in relation to the pros and cons of a weekday wedding and for everyone looking to make this decision, all you have to do is weigh them and see which aligns to your wedding vision.

While I agree that the decision of how a wedding is planned is made by the couple, I do have a level of respect for a couple who considers their wedding guests when making such decisions. So that’s why my pointers are not only geared towards the couple but also for the guests.

Is Having a Weekday Wedding A bad Idea?

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The PROS For the Couple

Reduced Cost: Currently weekday weddings(especially Mondays – Thursdays) are cheaper due to lesser demand. This is simple economics, the higher the demand, the higher the price. So if suddenly weekday weddings become a thing/trend that give rise to a higher demand, this point would no longer hold true.

Vendors Availability: Again, lesser demand on weekdays means vendors would have more time on their hand then, while the weekends would be crazy. Vendors like makeup artists usually can have a couple of clients on the weekends as such services are not required for the full day. Whereas a service like photography might be less available because usually it’s a whole day’s job.

There’s something about that Date: To some couples, a specific date is significant and means more than just a date. So they may not have set out for a weekday wedding but it so happens that their significant date falls on a weekday. For such couple, a weekday wedding is not enough for them to give up that significant date they’ve always wanted. These dates could be significant for a number of reasons – anniversary, the day they met, etc

A Small and Intimate Wedding: For some couples, the desire of a small and intimate wedding draws them to a weekday wedding. While this is not the only way to ensure your wedding is a small wedding (you can actually just invite the number of guests to a weekend wedding), some couples may see this as a supplemental way to ensure that.  This could be a way to weed out some people such as the wedding crashers.

The PROS For the Guests

Enjoy a Personal/Family Weekend: For some guests who prefer to have their weekends to themselves or for family time, a weekday wedding is actually a genius idea. Especially in the summer (peak period) where it could feel like every weekend is booked for a weeding, it’s easy for such a guest to feel he/she hasn’t had a personal or family weekend in so long.

Short and Sweet: Sometimes weddings can feel long and drawn out. However a couple planning a weekday wedding is usually cautious to keep it short as they understand their guests usually would have to get to work the next morning. For those guests who prefer a short and sweet wedding, a weekday wedding could be one way for them to enjoy that.

The CONS For the Couple

Shorter Time Spent with Guests: With weekday weddings where most of the guests have to return to work the next day, most likely the couple would not get to spend as such time with their guests, depending on the start of the wedding.

Invitations Declined: Because a weekday wedding might be not be very convenient for some guests for a number of reasons, there would likely be a higher number of declined invitations.

The CONS For the Guests

Time off Work: This is usually the most complained about point for guests who have to attend a weekday wedding. In some cases guests have to take some time off work (could be a full day or part of it), especially for an out of town wedding. Time of work in many cases comes as an expense to the couple, so this would always be a tough one for some guests.

Less Fun?: To some guests a weekday wedding could easily be seen as a wedding that is less fun due to the fact they can’t stay out late to enjoy the party (if there is any). Most guests may have to get back home, get the kids in bed and prep for the next day of work.

Dress up Inconvenience: If you are like me, you love to show up in your best wedding guest style for every wedding you attend. Logistically speaking, a weekday wedding can cramp your style if you choose to go in to work that day.

Your options are either you come to the wedding straight from work (yeah, an have me looking like I just rolled out of bed, #nothankyou) or you’d have to go home and freshen up before heading to the wedding (am I the only one who once I get home from work, has no interest in coming out again?). Except you end up taking the day off work, this can pose as some sort of inconvenience to such guests.

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