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Until this post, I never realized how difficult it was to find one Christian themed wedding. I was hoping it would be an easy find just like the way you type “Camouflage wedding” or “Military wedding” or any other theme and variety of images would pop up. Well I was wrong. Actually this post has had me thinking of doing an actual inspiration shoot!

I thought of this Inspiration board when I saw Dani and Dominic’s Salvation Engagement shoot, I fell in love!
However I noticed that to pull off a theme like this, out are going to need to make room for WORDS. It’s not like other themes where there are many items to make use of, this actually deals with more words than items.

The few items I could think of were;

  • The Bible
  • The sign of the Cross

But when it comes to words, we have the whole bible to pick from! All you have to do is pick any item you want at your wedding and find a way to put the words on them. These items can range from your favors, to your escort cards, to your table names, invitation, STDs and even your bouquet!

Left to right, top to Bottom: A Salvation Engagement shoot, Photo by Closer to Love Photography | Hersheys favors with Christian wording, Photo by NMT Photography | Bridesmaids carrying Bibles as opposed to bouquets, Photo by Betsy | Wedding Sign via Etsy | Invitation wording via Hephzibah Bride | Bible page hooked to Bride’s Bouquet via True Photography | Bible verse table names via J + M’s Wedding Site | Invitation wording via Hephzibah Bride.

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