Inside a Blogger’s Phone: Apps To Help Blogging

I sat on my bed one day flipping through my phone and suddenly it hit me; blogging would suck without my smart phone! I know there was life before smart phones and apps but right now, it’s pretty hard to imagine how I would have survived. So I decided to share my phone – the apps on my phone – that makes my blogging life a bit more manageable, organized and less overwhelming.

As a blogger my computer is mainly where it all goes down, but blogging really never ends when you hit “publish”; there is more to be done after that post goes live. Many of that is handled from my phone when I shut my computer down and I’m on the go. From promoting posts on my social media outlets, to researching and jotting down future post ideas, to interacting with my fellow bloggers, the list goes on when it comes to blogging and my Android.


On a regular day I have 13 apps to help blogging for me; the apps that save my blogging life. These key apps for me are;

1. The blog – After a while, I got tired of clicking on my chrome app then typing in to visit my blog. So I figured adding my blog page to my home screen in the folder was a great shortcut to skip all that multiple step-clicking to view my blog. What I love about it also is that it stays refreshed. Unlike going through the browser where it gets stuck on the page you last visited, this option keeps it fresh showing the most recent post/activity on your blog.

2. Feedly – My Feedly reader is one thing I know I can never get tired of. I did a post a while back on how amazing I thought feedly was and clearly, I still think it is. While I am sure I have a lot to learn with feedly, for now I am very satisfied with how it works; showing my the latest posts from the blogs I follow in categories – Wedding, Personal, Christian and Food blogs. One thing I did was also include my blog in that list, so every morning when my post goes up at 8.00 am, at around 8.30 am (I set mine to refresh every 30 minutes) I see my current post and I can quickly share it on my social media outlets (Google+, Facebook and Twitter) right from feedly.

3. Pinterest – 4 months ago I may not have been believer of Pinterest but right now, I cant stop talking about how amazing it is. In less that 2 months Knotsvilla’s Pinterest has grown over 500% and this has positively affected the traffic to my blog. With Pinterest on my Blog life folder, I mainly do my blog post research this way. I choose a topic I’d like to talk about and search Pinterest for the perfect images for the post. Then I save them in my secret board so I don’t forget. When I am finally ready for the post with the content, I visit my Pinterest get the proper description for the photos and sources and put my post together. Other times I’m not researching, I am just pinning pretty images for the fun of it; I love my followers to have a variety of images to inspire them not just weddings, and not just from my blog.

4. InstagramInstagram would always have a special place in my heart as it was my first used platform for this wedding gig before I actually started this blog. Instagram has become my most interactive social outlet where I get to actually feel a connection with my followers. By this I mean the ability to actually engagement my followers, ask them question, hear their replies and keep the conversation going. From congratulating many newly engaged brides found on Instagram, to reposting gorgeous images from talented vendors, to actually having good laughs from my interesting followers and their comments, Instagram has definitely helped me grow as a person and indirectly helped my blog grow.

5. Google+ – This is one outlet I am definitely still learning. I mainly connect with Wedding bloggers on my Google+ especially through the group I founded – Aisle & Tulle Connection – which is a group for my fellow wedding bloggers. So in regards to networking and building relationships with others in my wedding blogging world, Google+ has definitely been a blogging life saver.

6. Twitter – My Twitter is another great tool for my blog. It’s easier for you to get to know me via twitter than any other social media outlet as I don’t only tweet about weddings but myself, my favorite TV shows and other random things I enjoy. Twitter has not only been a helpful platform to share my blog posts with my followers but has helped a lot with having my Twitter party – #WeddingChatter – which holds every Fridays at 3 pm est. On the #WeddingChatter, I and a group of tweethearts come online and chat/tweet about all things wedding related. This helps me to know Knotsvilla’s followers and also opens me up to meeting new people in the wedding industry who join in to have fun but also share their knowledge on the topics we discuss.

Apps to help blogging (1)

7. FB Pages – Everyone knows I have a hate-hate relationship with Facebook for businesses. Obviously I haven’t been able to figure out how to make Facebook work for my blog (posting something and having only 1% of my followers see it, is quite annoying) so it’s definitely one app I don’t use as much. With about 3200 un-engaging fans, I have no urge to click on this app everyday. Most of the times I use my Facebook page on my desktop once my post goes live then download the photo through the phone app and share it on my other social media outlets. That’s about the most I do with this app, until I figure it out fully.

8. Adsense – Google Adsense is shamelessly one app I click on everyday. Being that I only started monetizing my blog, shortly after I have kind of become an addict. While the money so far is not much I find this app very useful in the sense that it not only shows me details like my earnings and what ads are doing better, but also details about my page views and visitors. So in a sense it works both as Google Adsense and Google Analytics.

9. Analytics – But is Google Adsense really enough? With Google Analytics, you don’t see any earnings reported but it definitely goes deeper into traffic details and helps give a clearer understanding of how well your blog is doing. Details like most clicked posts & pages, Views sources (yay Pinterst!), locations of these visitors and more.

10. Photogrid – This is one app that majorly works hand in hand with my Instagram causing me to use it almost everyday. Photogrid helps me create pictures and collages but also works well in re-sizing photos to share on my Instagram since Instgram requires a specific size for it’s photos.

11. Memo – My S memo is my notepad which comes in handy when I am inspired for a new post and need something to quickly write my thoughts down. I used to be a paper girl but lately this app has taken over the part of me that would run for any paper around me to write – even if it was tissue! Now I’d just pull out my phone and write mainly key points or few lines that would guide me to the post I had in mind. This also helps me with my #WeddingChatter discussion points, deciding the topics to address and the questions to follow.

12-13. WordPress/Blogger – With my 2 blogs (Knotsvilla & Gees Lemonades) being run on WordPress and Blogger respectively, obviously these apps are needed and much appreciated. I find these apps very useful for creating my posts without having to log into my computer. I usually work on these apps and save the posts as drafts, then when I have time to grab my computer, I complete the post with photos/links and hit the publish/schedule button. I haven’t figured how to cleanly attach photos from my phone to Blogger without getting frustrated so once a post has an image (which almost always does), I end up completing it on my computer.

* * * * *

Other key apps that save the blogging life – Gmail & Calender. These are not in my “Blog Life” folder (but on my home screen) because they not only save my blogging life but many other aspects of life in general.

I’d love to hear yours too, what apps are your “Saving Blogging Life” apps on your phone? Any new apps that you think I should add to my list? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Berry Dakara

    I use Blogger sometimes (I have issues posting pictures too); Instagram (mostly personal use, but every now and then I use it for blog posts promotion); Twitter’s a hassle; I only just started my Facebook page; not sure how to connect Pinterest to my blog; trying to share posts frequently via Google Plus; PhotoGrid is IT!!!!!!; I have a notebook for post ideas (used to use S Memo, but I don’t want to type all the time); still getting the hang of Adsense and Analytics.


    • Gee | KnotsVilla

      Hahhahaha I’m glad someone understands the awesomeness of Photogrid too! Let me know if you need help with Pinterest, I am such a believer of that platform now! Thanks for stopping by doll 🙂

    • Somiii

      Been meaning to ask berry, do you use a samsung note? because those doodles you sometimes create on the blog look like something done on samsung note, if it is which note is it. Im thinking of getting a samsung note, cos of the beauty of creating electronic notes and of course doodles LOL. what do you suggest?

      • Berry Dakara

        Hiya, I use the S4, and S Memo is what I use to create the notes with little doodles (I use my fingers since there isn’t an accompanying Stylo). For my cartoons on the blog, I use simple MS Paint though 🙂

  2. Somiii

    WOW, I never knew this site was powered by wordpress, “doubly amazed”. For now, I use a Blackberry, so the number of apps I can use on my phone are pretty limited. But I use Facebook, Twitter, BBM to share my posts, its quite frustrating and my blog is suffering terribly. Even uploading pictures with my wordpress app is another headache, because it never uploads. its really frustrating not being able to blog comfortably on my phone. But I am working towards getting a better phone, So I can work well with or without a computer. I have bookmarked this post, So when I get a new phone, i will download all of the apps you have mentioned. Amazing job you’re doing Gee. You are my role model when it comes to wedding blogging and I admire you so much. Thanks for this post.

  3. Somiii

    WOW, I never knew this site was powered by wordpress, “doubly amazed”. For now, I use a Blackberry, so the number of apps I can use on my phone are pretty limited. But I use Facebook, Twitter, BBM to share my posts, its quite frustrating and my blog is suffering terribly. Even uploading pictures with my wordpress app is another headache, because it never uploads. its really frustrating not being able to blog comfortably on my phone. But I am working towards getting a better phone, So I can work well with or without a computer. I have bookmarked this post, So when I get a new phone, i will download all of the apps you have mentioned. Amazing job you’re doing Gee. You are my role model when it comes to wedding blogging and I admire you so much. Thanks for this post.

    • Gee | KnotsVilla

      Awwww Somiii thank you very much! I wish I could take credit for making my site looking like this but I can’t, I had someone build it for me. But yes, it’s all on WP. I am also terribly blushing with your last statement, thank you thank you! means a lot to me to know all the work I put into this site is being somewhat appreciated 🙂

      Now about your phone, girl get on it asap! Blogging with mobile can make things a whole lot easier. I know BB is a bit behind in apps but you might also want to check alternative apps they may have in the BB world, you never know, something could work there too!

      Thanks for stopping by Somiii…I love how your name has 3 i’s, lol, so unique!

      • Somiii

        Your welcome Gee, your work is REALLY appreciated. Thank you for visiting my blog “muah” and commenting “muah muah” I am truly grateful, saw it on my way home from work and was just blushing in the bus LOL. As for the phone, I’m really working on it. hopefully before the end of the month.
        My name is CHISOM, so its Somiii for short. I like to spell my name with 3 i’s too even tho people complain a times, saying its hard to spell and all plus I always insist they get it right.

      • Heather Lynn

        Hey! I hope both you and @Somiii can see this! I was going to write this comment in the actual comment section, then saw that you struggle adding photos to your WordPress app too.
        If you end up getting an iPhone(the app could be available for android too,I’m just not sure), you should definitely check out “Poster”. It’s an app that allows you to log into multiple wordpress sites (both self hosted & From there, you can write full posts & pages, and VERY EASILY add photos! Lol you just double tap the screen & it gives you the option to add a photo. You can resize your photo, add a title, meta description, etc. The app gives you the option to publish or save draft. (I always save my draft, then get on my computer to add links & my H1/H2 headers, etc).
        But it’s definitely a lifesaver app for blogging! I hope this helps 🙂

  4. Ify Ada |

    Gee, you are top of things!! So organized. I didn’t know you ran 2 blogs too. Can you do a time management post too? Lol. I only do it part time, but this wedding blogging life takes a lot of time. It’s so fun though. Ha!

    • Gee | KnotsVilla

      Hey CWL, thanks for stopping by! Yes i run 2 blogs but the second one is not as serious, its more of my lounging spot when i need a break from the busyness of this one.

      I have been meaning to do a time management post but I’m going to wait a bit because i just started a new blogging schedule and want to see how it goes. Hopefully next month, id have some feedback. You are right, blogging is hardwork atimes but I’m thankful it’s” fun hard work”!

    • Gee | KnotsVilla

      Yes, i have that set up for my Twitter too, but its through a WordPress plugin. I used to have one for facebook bu the plugin randomly stopped working and I gave up after numerous tries.

  5. Kelly

    I’m still trying to figure out the best way to recieve all updates from the blogs I follow. At the moment I am getting email updates, but only some are sent there and I have to manually check the rest on the WordPress Reader, which is pain! I would use Bloglovin but not everyone has that on their site either. I will definitely look in to Feedly!

  6. Charlotte

    I don’t check my Google Adsense/Analytics nearly as much as I should, but I am now following you everywhere (and even tweeted this out from both of my accounts AND pinned!) because I’ve been looking for a post about blog-related apps for ages, and this one really hit the mark. I also just downloaded Photogrid and am looking to play around with it; I always look for easy/convenient so I hope this is just that.

    Thanks for this and hope you had a great weekend!

    • Gee | KnotsVilla

      I gave Buffer a try, but I’d be honest I did not give it enough time to wow me, I shortly uninstalled it from my phone. But I did hear great things about it though!

  7. Mixed Kreations

    I live on my phone! I’m on it more then my computer, because I can use it at work when slow. Don’t know what I would do without it. I have some of these apps but not all. I probably don’t check my Analytics enough, I guess because I get so discouraged with the numbers, even though I’m been working very hard to bring up my numbers. Haven’t thought of adding the adsense and analytics app to my phone guess I should. I do have WordPress so I can work on my blog, but I’m not so sure I like the new update. I have a hard time getting it to upload my pics and editing post. And I have all the social medias apps that I use. I will have to check out the other apps. Thanks so much for sharing!


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