Indiana Peacock Themed Wedding by Michael Meeks Photography

Happy Real event Tuesday friends. Today’s wedding is an interesting one for many reasons including the fact that it has a very cute puppy and subtle hints of peacock feathers and colors. The couple had actually tied the knot a few months ago in their traditional wedding in New Delhi and had a second one here in Indiana in May.

Emily and Abhishek had their peacock themed wedding ceremony at the Trinity United Methodist church and headed over to the Lafayette Country club  for the reception. Emily looked adorable in her statement jewelry pieces and that gorgeous and beaded wedding dress. Her colors were obviously drawn from the peacock colors with few additions of pink and purple hues.

Interesting details to look out for: The bridesmaids peacock feather hairpiece, the cake table decorated in peacock feathers and that adorable puppy!

wedding-dres-hanging-on-tree-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingblue-wedding-shoes-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingwedding-rings-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingbridesmaids-green-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingbridesmaids-peachock-hairpiece-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingbride-makeup-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingbride-bouquet-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingcouple-on-road-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingbride-and-pup-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingpuppy-at-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingbride-groom-in-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddinglafayette-peacock-themed-wedding-couplelafayette-peacock-themed-wedding-bride-groomwedding-party-green-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingreception-table-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingdesserts-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingpink-silver-centerpiece-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingflowers-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingcake-cutting-lafayette-peacock-themed-wedding cake-on-peacock-table-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingbridesmaids-speech-lafayette-peacock-themed-weddingbride-guests-bridesmaids-lafayette-peacock-themed-wedding beautiful-blue-sky-lafayette-peacock-themed-wedding

* * * * * *

These two make me want to ask for photos of their New Delhi wedding. If this wedding made use of colors this beautifully, I can only imagine what the New Delhi one looked like. Congrats to the couple, wishing them both many years of happy marriage!

Question of the Day: Tell me, what is your favorite detail of this wedding?

Vendors: Photographer:  Michael Meeks Photography | Reception Venue: Lafayette Country Club | Flowers: Rubia Flower Market | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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