How Wedding Photographers Can Save Time and Work Efficiently [Guest post]

Photo by Jide of Alakija Studios

The wedding season is a busy time for photographers as they have to handle multiple projects every week. If you are a famous wedding photographer, you are likely to be booked by dozens of clients months in advance. Wedding photographers take hundreds of photographs during every wedding event, even before they get the time to edit and print a set of photos, the next project comes up.

This makes it imperative for every wedding photographer to learn some time management skills to do their work efficiently. In this article, I will share some time-saving guidelines for wedding photographers. If you are in this profession, the following suggestions will surely help you do more in less time.

1. Delete photos; those that are not necessary

You may take a thousand photographs in a wedding, but that does not mean all of them should be delivered to the client. There is no need to add photos where light is low or the smile is not right or the same pose is given by the couple. Simply delete such pictures and choose only the best 200-300 for final delivery. However, if you have taken more than a thousand photographs, this selection process can also eat up a lot of valuable time. Therefore, be choosy while shooting during the wedding. Select your subjects and never over-shoot.

2. Use Photoshop tools intelligently

Most photographers use Photoshop as it offers some of the best editing tools. With the help of a Photoshop plug-in named AutoLoader, you can save lots of time during the editing process. AutoLoader lets you select the folder from where you want to fetch images and also an output folder where you want to save them after doing the modifications. You can define a shortcut key for the plug-in so that when you press the key (ex-F2), AutoLoader will open a photo from the source folder, where you can make the necessary changes (for example, adjust the brightness and so on). Once your work is over, press the shortcut key again and it will save the edited file in the output folder. A new image from the source folder will open simultaneously as well.

Photo by Jide of Alakija Studios

3. Get it right while shooting

Every wedding photographer edits images to make them look perfect. But, editing is a time consuming process and proves your inefficiency as a professional photographer. I mean if you need to correct the “red eye” or “white balance” in every photograph using Photoshop, how can you complete a project within the given time frame? Therefore, try to capture flawless shots while clicking the photos. I know, it’s easier said than done; nevertheless, one must make the effort.

4. Organize

A good wedding album tells a story. It begins with the bride’s make up and dress rehearsal followed by the wedding ceremony at church and ends at the reception party. When you take hundreds of photos and copy them in one folder inside your computer’s hard drive, it can be really tough to find which photo represents what part of the entire ceremony. It is better to make 2-3 sub folders (pre-wedding, wedding, reception, etc.) within the main folder and store the images categorically. The sooner you do this, the better because these folders will help you during album printing. You can pick the best photos from these sub folders, save them in “print” folder, and make sure that the flow of events is maintained perfectly.

5. Outsource to save time

This is the something you can do when deadlines are killing you. Outsource the photos you have taken in a wedding ceremony and let someone else handle the editing and printing duties. The person you hire will send you the complete album within the set time frame, and you will be able to deliver within the deadline.

Wedding photography is all about capturing the emotional, personal moments, and showcasing them in still images that a married couple will cherish forever. Once the wedding is over, every married couple wants to view their wedding album as soon as possible and the aforementioned tips will help you fulfill their wish.

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Dax Vyas is associated with Adayofbliss. Adayofbliss is a one of the leading wedding photography company in USA. They provide a variety of destination wedding photography services designed to capture the events of your special occasion. You can also contact him at twitter – @daxvyas18

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