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Uhm, yes you read right, you can actually support your favorite bloggers by tipping us! Today we are taking a break from weddings and talking about the other side of things – Blogging, or as we’d like to call it so people can take us seriously, Digital Content Creation :).

Have you ever wondered of ways you can support your favorite bloggers especially when you have found their content extremely helpful?

How To Support Your Favorite Bloggers – Tip them with QUID

Okay let me start off by being an open book and saying blogging has definitely taken a back seat when it comes to a revenue stream for me. For those who have followed this blog for the 7 years it’s been on, you remember the time when I blogged 5 days a week? Yeah, those were the good old days when it made sense financially to invest such amount of time and $$. Now, not so much – I’d celebrate if I can get going at a once a week steady pace.

Honestly speaking, while I love creating wedding and event content, at some point I had to be realistic about it and weigh all the options – How much is it costing me vs How much am I earning from it? And needless to say, my findings to that question has made me invest my time and $$ more carefully and right now, the posts have become much fewer due to that.

You might have figured already, marketing aint my strong suit! Active marketing scares the crap out of me and that’s why I have resolved to affiliate marketing as my most constant source of income as a blogger. This is because it’s more of a passive marketing strategy and I don’t have to be an annoying sales-y person. Sponsored posts sometimes gets me excited but in this world where most brands are all about the numbers, you can only imagine how few of those show up. And with sponsored posts as well, there’s some level of active marketing involved, where you have to pitch your services to these brands. Again #ActiveMarketingScaresMe.

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So that’s why when I heard of QUID, as a blogger, I decided to look into it.

Think of QUID like Go Fund Me but even better tailored to bloggers. If you are a fellow blogger, you’d know this is revolutionary! With QUID you can empower your fans with the option to support you with tiny donations – in just one click of a button! As little as $0.01, you can give your fans a way to tip you for the content they love. How is that for a smooth and passive marketing?

Unlike working through affiliate networks or with individual brands who ask for large numbers (followers or viewers) before they work with you, QUID is an option available to all. So whether you’ve been blogging for 10 years, or 10 days, you can sign up for QUID and your loyal fans would have a means to support you.

How it Works for Your Readers

No downloads, no apps, no friction. Your readers can simply pay with their credit card through the QUID platform after they sign in. And once a reader had paid once, they only need to sign in to make future payments and reward their fave blogger!

How it Works for the Bloggers

Since I use a wordpress platform, the process is pretty neat for me wit the use of the QUID plugin or widget. All I had to do was sign up on the QUID platform, install the plugin and set it up. You can add your tip jar to your blog’s sidebar or under selected posts (like I’ve done) – perhaps those evergreen posts that you feel would do very well.

Click here to see how QUID can allow you as a blogger earn more income as you create content that helps others.

About QUID

QUID is a Canadian technology company established in 2018 by Mohit Muthanna Cheppudira and Kevin McCall. It was built to reduce the constraints and barriers to monetizing pay-per-use applications, systems, and content.

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