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Early last month Bride Farrah was introduced to the Wedding Diaries series and today she is back with her second post. Here this busy bride breaks it down to 4 ways on how to stay organized while wedding planning. So hey, you might want to book mark this post right about now.


Brides, enjoy this insightful post from a fellow real bride!

Hey everyone!

What a difference a month and some change makes! Happy February everyone! Although I am quite late in the posting for this month, I am happy to report that I have a bit more time on my hands now that the interview season for me is COMPLETE!!! Hallelujah!! Now, I’m just taking a moment to figure out my life while I adjust to these career changes and wedding changes that are about to take place.

Speaking of adjustments, I think it’s about time I get back on my normal eating regimen so that I can actually fit into my dress!! It has been extremely difficult to eat healthy over the past few months living out of my suitcase and traveling to various places around the country to chase my career. I’m not a fan of purchasing over-priced airport snacks, so shamelessly or not so shamelessly, I would stow my airplane snacks in my bags for later…cookies and pretzels became my go to thing over the past few weeks. But this is a separate topic so I will faithfully digress for now…

how to stay organized while wedding planning

As I write this, I’m actually snuggled up at a coffee shop, trying to organize my life via computer. So as an ode to staying organized, I figured I’d focus this edition of my #weddingdiaries on communication, delegation and taking breaks…all factors involved in keeping organized! Below are the top four things I feel have kept me sane over the past couple of months as planning picked up and the things I feel every #BusyBride should do:

1♥ Create a Wedding Email Address

If you haven’t heard about doing this, please pay attention. I made this the first tip because creating a wedding email address was probably the best thing I could have done from a communication aspect. When you are a working professional planning a wedding, then you are by default a multi-tasker which means your time is spent doing many things at once…many *productive* things. I get a ton of emails a day both professionally and personally and sifting through emails is not my idea of productive multi-tasking.

I’ve found having a wedding specific email great because whenever you receive any communication regarding your wedding, it goes directly to that email address. This is especially helpful whenever you attend bridal shows and other wedding related functions. You can also utilize the email address for wedding party specific emails, etc. Gon’ head and make your life easy …

2♥ Group your wedding party together for Communication

Let’s just say that I am thankful for grouping apps which allow me to communicate with my wedding party all at once. It’s like one big text conversation but it’s better for the following reasons;

Number one: Efficiency. My bridesmaids are working professionals just like me and as a group, we are scattered amongst different states. A common group app facilitates comradery and allows us to easily ask questions, pose comments, post pictures, and quick information.

Number two: The conversation can be muted and unmuted. I’m of the nature that sometimes constant buzzing and notifications can be distracting…especially when you rely on your phone for work (raises hand). But, one can quickly reconvene at a moment’s notice and all of the conversation is right there. Winning!

3♥ Utilize Your Resources and Know When To Delegate

As a professional student, with a professional student *budget*, I’m constantly trying to figure out where to strategically place finances. Ultimately if you want to save money but remain tasteful in your wedding plans, you have to get creative and make your networks work for you! I have a long-time friend who has planned many weddings, so it’s great that I am able to have her input and guidance all while remaining completely autonomous on my decisions.

On delegation: if you know the women in your wedding party well enough (and I hope you do if they are going to be at your side), you know which ones are great for delegating specific tasks. That’s why they are your bridesmaids and that’s especially why they are your friends! When it’s all said and done, know when to ask for help. It’s ok to do so.

4♥ Take breaks from Planning

No extensive wording here! Taking days off from planning is so essential. Yes you are hoping to have the wedding of your dreams but MORE important than any wedding is the investment toward building a solid marriage. You can’t cultivate a marriage if you are constantly planning for one day.

Take some time to enjoy your significant other, family, friends, and do those things that make you a whole individual. I promise it’ll be alright…

Until next time,

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