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As many of you know, yesterday I attended my first Blogging event, it was not much different from what I expected but definitely very helpful for me. One thing you should know about me is how much I cringe when I think of Blogging as a science! Ugh! For some reason it just makes Blogging sound much harder than it should be but then again you can’t blame those scientists, with the amount of SEO battles out there in the Blogging world, they had to come up with something. But the event yesterday sure helped me reduce my fears if I may say.

Few people asked for the recap of the event and I would try to be as straight to the point as I can. Here are the things I picked up from the Astek Academy Think-n-Drink Event in Chicago which was headed by Rachel Yeomans of The Working Wardrobe and John Armstrong, the Sr. Community Manager of Astek.

As I walked into the event late (blame my terrible time calculation and underestimating how much I’m still clueless about directions in Chicago), they were on the subject of Readers and RSS feeds. We discussed;

Rachel also talked about having a Calendar program for your blogging. For me, I actually figured I could use this because lately I feel like I have been blogging way too much, I need to take a chill pill for real, maybe we can call it the “Chill pill for radical Blogging stress” just like that of the Wedding planning Stress, lol. Here was a structure she used for a fictitious Flower blog of the days to blog and what to blog about:

  • Mondays- Better Bouquet: Fresh and related content provided for your readers.
  • Wednesdays- Tulip Talk: Another fresh and related content.
  • Fridays- Industry Round Up: Mainly about providing your readers what has been up and about in your Industry, in this case the Flower Industry. These are Blog posts where you refer to other related Blogs which may have posted great contents, that you may not have talked about. Also in these kinds of posts, feel to include your posts in case some of your readers may have missed it. At the end of the day, these kinds of posts end up being a one-stop blog shop for readers who love Flowers! 
  • Sundays- Funday Sunday Video: I’m guessing you just post something fun here, a video would be great. 

Other Tips on Blogging Better Rachael shared before she headed out;

  • Short paragraphs, Yay! Especially if your readers use blog readers which always chop off a chuck of your posts in previews. Having a short paragraphs keeps something showing; make sure it is important and directly related to your post title.
  • Images high and up! Also this point if for the readers accessing your blog via any of the available readers. Since they do only previews of the first part of your posts, and since a lot of humans are visual, you would want your images to be caught in the previews.
  • Keywords and Phrases: What makes the “key” are the fact that many people search for them. So if possible try to included them in your titles as urls. The Google Adwords Keyword Tools would be a great spot to find relevant keywords and phrases related to what you need.
  • Linking keywords and phrases: When linking, use important keywords and phrases that are likely to be searched by people. For example, if you would like to refer to a post that excellently talked about How to Plan a Wedding, you can write it as “See this amazing post on How to plan a wedding as opposed to “Click here for this amazing post that talks about planning a wedding”. I hope my example made a little bit of sense, I promise it id in my head! Truthfully, I always used the second option but now I know better 🙂 
  • Linking your own posts: Apparently linking back to your own posts in a way (the science of it all) keeps your readers on your Blog longer compared to when your post is full of dry text (no links). 
  • JPGs for images: Apparently these load faster and with the number of impatient humans out there, you would want to keep them on your blog by not having them wait too long. I love png files, but she mentioned nothing about them so really I am not sure if they are a okay or just plain terrible..I’d have to search on that. 
Many more were shared, but they were in reference to WordPress users which does not apply to me since I’m a Blogger lady; I think at a point I felt left out. Hahaha! 
Hope this helps you in some way, to Blog better! 
If you are in Chicago, feel free to come for the next event. Would definitely love to meet you!
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