Holiday Weddings: 4 Things To Keep in Mind When Planning

The ladies of the Real sounded off their thoughts concerning Holiday weddings (watch video below), which got me thinking about the pros and cons of having one. By holiday weddings, we are referring to having the wedding set on the exact holiday, like on Christmas day – December 25th. There are a number of reasons why couples would choose a holiday to celebrate their union while there are a number of reasons why some couples would say “never” to the idea. This is one of the wedding planning decisions that involve not only the couple but all parties – vendors and also guests. Depending on how your guests feel about your wedding on a holiday, your attendance could be really low.

Holiday Weddings

While I may be leaning towards the notion to NOT have a wedding on an exact holiday (because I don’t want to share my anniversary with other events), I can sometimes understand why this is an option. A lot of times holiday weddings can be quite convenient due to the fact that most people are already off work. However, the fact that people are off work doesn’t mean they don’t have other obligations to fulfill, and so a wedding might be not so convenient after all.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking of a holiday wedding.

The type of holiday: Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and the list goes on. While some are statutory holidays, some are not. That usually means that most people would in fact get the day off work.Usually these kinds of holidays are best when they are either just before the weekend (Friday) or after the weekend (Monday), thereby giving people the notion of a “long weekend”. The type of holiday may also be correlated with most traditions in families. For example, thanksgiving is usually spent with families in most cases and because of that a wedding on that day may mean your guests can’t enjoy their family time. This could easily be frowned upon when the couple is not a family member.

What day and the day after: If your wedding falls on a holiday which is a Friday, more of your guests might be willing to attend since they have the rest of the weekend to recover from the partying. This is less likely to be the case if its a holiday that falls on a Monday (e.g., Victoria day in Canada).

Expenses for the Couple: Prices are also usually high for holiday weddings. Usually vendors can easily be fully booked (since there are other holiday festivities to plan for – higher demand), or they may need to enjoy some time off and relax or spend time with families. These are two of the many reasons why vendor prices for holiday weddings could be much higher than other times of the year.

However, there is the possibility that some aspects of planning could be cheaper when they fall on holidays. For example a Christmas eve/day wedding in a hotel would most likely already be decorated to an extent and if the theme of the wedding is in fact about the season, the couple may not have to spend as much as they would have if it was not on the holiday.

Expenses for the Guests: In most cases this is a negative because its a known fact that travel expenses are much higher during holidays. Considering how much your guests would have to spend to make your wedding would surely be thoughtful when planning. In such cases, couples need to give ample time ahead with the save the date so the guests can plan/save accordingly.

Here’s what the ladies of the REAL had to say about Holiday Weddings.

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So what are your thoughts, YAY or NAY for Holiday weddings?

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