Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 – The Mug Life!

Did y’all see my pun there with that title, hahaha! I just had to put it in there – the mug life! (If you still don’t get the pun there, *shrug*). Today’s Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 is out and I’d be honest, it’s on my list! I need me some pretty, fancy and useful copper mug in my kitchen like yesterday!

Have you guys kept up with the copper trend this year? If you have then you must know this copper color came out to play in everything especially in the wedding world. And I have a feeling the color is about to go bigger in the next year, so it only makes sense we all join the cool kids club and grab out copper colored stuff right?

If you are a mug lover (or hoarder – no judging here), then welcome to best gift of your 2015 and if you already have one, you can always end its loneliness by getting another. Or better yet, get a set and give your guests something stylish to talk about when you all meet up for some pastries and coffee!

Hope you enjoy our Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 selection of the Mug Life! Get yo life!!

Holiday Gift Guide - Copper Mugs

Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 – Grab our Copper Mugs Selection!

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