Hoboken Engagement Session By Jaye Kogut Photography


Let’s begin wrapping up this first week of June with an adorable couple, shall we? These high school sweethearts, John and Becky had their Hoboken Engagement session beautifully captured by Jaye Kogut Photography (a Nashville Tennessee Photographer) only a couple of weeks ago. This session not only includes very fun props (y’all know KV loves props!) but also has the NY Skyline featured as that was part of their theme.

Hoboken-Engagement-Session-bride-ring Hoboken Engagement Session Hoboken-Engagement-Session-stdHoboken-Engagement-Session-shootHoboken-Engagement-Session-ringHoboken-Engagement-Session-laughterHoboken-Engagement-Session-jewelryHoboken-Engagement-Session-eng-ringHoboken-Engagement-Session-through-dateHoboken-Engagement-Session-couple

How They Met

“Who knew that my sister’s big mouth could lead to such great things?! John went to private school for most of his life. It wasn’t until tenth grade that he switched over to public school. John was placed in my sister, Jessica’s history class. Jessica, being her normal outgoing self, told John that he should date her sister (THAT’S ME!). John was dating someone at the time, but several months after the relationship ended he began stalking my Myspace (old school, I know).

John saw me in school a few times and thought I was cute (the braces and bangs were a killer combination). He eventually got the courage to instant message me on AIM. I had no idea who John was and asked him how he had found me. John explained that Jessica told him to talk to me. I quickly asked Jessica who John was but she denied knowing him. I then thought John was a weirdo. Moments later, Jessica miraculously remembered John from her history class and told me that he was a nice kid. I stalked the few pictures he had on Myspace and was surprised I had never noticed this cutie in school before! I then started talking to John.

Two days later, we hung out for the first time at his house. I met his brother, Paul, and his dog, Brownie. I knew right away that John was a sweet boy and I enjoyed spending time with him. As soon as I got in my sister’s car when she picked me up from his house that day, I began screaming in excitement of how great John was. As great as I thought he was, I didn’t think that far ahead and definitely didn’t imagine that one I would fall head over heels for this boy.

Just four days after meeting him, John and I became official. John jumped the gun and told me he loved me only a few days of dating. I quickly yelled at him and told him that he barely knew me! Little did I know we both would end up falling for each other. There have been a few bumps along the way, but I can honestly say they have made our bond even stronger. I could not be happier to be marrying my best friend! I am forever grateful to my sister for introducing me to my soul mate!” – Becky

Hoboken-Engagement-Session-fun-photo Hoboken-Engagement-Session-5-6-16 Hoboken-Engagement-Session-engagement-ringHoboken-Engagement-Session-photo-picHoboken-Engagement-Session-shootHoboken-Engagement-Session-dateHoboken-Engagement-Session-std-banner

Wedding Planning Advice

“Get started early so you don’t have to rush everything last minute. If you start early enough you can take your time and the process won’t feel AS stressful.” – Becky


Photography: Jaye Kogut Photography – Nashville Tennessee Photographer | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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