Hidden Cost of Weddings

Thanks to Bridal Babble on Twitter, I came up with this key post to share with you. Remember the last week’s post on how to keep your relationship during wedding planning with point #1 about budget and adding “miscellaneous” to it? Well today’s post could gladly tie to that. These wedding costs are the ones you probably would not think of right away. I call them the hidden cost of weddings.


From my experience, these are the top 5 costs that could catch you off guard, so be prepared;

1. TIPS: Tipping to me is tricky, I’d confess I am still trying to get a hang of it. Personally, I’d rather have vendors tell me their costs and add their tips to the overall total but I know not everyone thinks like me. In my case, the venue which also catered did exactly this and this was taken care of immediately. Whichever style works for you, whether it is being told the assigned tip percentage to give or having to decide for yourself, remember to add this to the budget.

2. DIY: DIYs can be tricky too because they accumulate so slowly you almost wont notice. A lot of Brides think low cost when it comes to DIYs as compared to hiring a professional. Well that is not always the case. Don’t get me wrong, I am Pro-DIY but after my wedding planning I have learned to be Pro-Smart-DIY; that is knowing when to Do-It-Yourself and when to give it to a Pro.

With DIYs I noticed the setups and mock trials rack up the bills pretty fast. So try as much as possible to have a firm idea/vision before you go buying those supplies. This would reduce time and money spent on many ideas before you finally arrive at “the one”.

3. ALTERATIONS: Isn’t it interesting how alterations can cost almost the same as the dress itself? Well welcome to the wedding industry! There are 2 ways around this; either you have the bridal store you purchased it from, do the alterations or you find a good seamstress around that you trust to do it. Most likely the bridal store would be more expensive but it definitely comes with “peace of mind” than going to other places. By peace of mind I mean, if they mess up your dress, they could probably replace it. One the other hand, you could find a good seamstress you trust, which would most likely be a better option price-wise. How about you just buy a dress that needs no alterations?

4. STAMPS: The heavier your invitations are, the fancier they are (which sometimes translates to weight) then the more expensive they would be in delivery. So when budgeting for stationery, remember to include the stamps too. Read Lisa’s story of Wedding Stamps (and what no one tells you about wedding planning), it’s a fun read, I promise!

5. VENDOR FEEDING: I had a wedding of 120 people to budget for. Since I had a hotel wedding, I spoke with the manager and she gave me the budget per person, we did the math and I wrote the check for that – Life was good. Skip over to a few months left to my wedding and I realized I had not included the photographer, the DJ and other vendors. Of course they have to be included, you cant have people working all day for your wedding without feeding them. At the end of the day I had to add about 5 more people to that list. Depending on how expensive the per person cost may be, an extra 5 people may or may not be a pain, either way it is not fun getting caught off guard like that.

Are there other hidden costs you experienced in your wedding and would love to add? Please add them in the comments so other brides can learn form you.

Thanks to Cyndi Hardy Photography for the gorgeous photo used for this post, it was handpicked from this Yellow and Grey Arizona wedding that was submitted to KnotsVilla a while ago.

Have a fab week, it’s going to be a great one!

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2 Responses

  1. Veronica Foley

    You make a very good point about DIYs sometimes costing more money than you’d expect. I’m a graphic designer, and I am always happy to help customers with designing materials that they can print themselves. When the bride and groom put a lot of themselves into their printed materials, the effect can be really charming . . . for instance, I’ve printed two different save-the dates based on really sweet drawings by the groom, and that’s so much more personal than just ordering a pre-designed save-the-date card. But I also know firsthand, for example, that ink, cutting and scoring can cost a lot more than you might expect, and also that high-quality paper gets much less expensive when you buy it in bulk.. As a professional, I know how to plan for these expenses, and I do have some tricks up my sleeve for keeping costs down.

  2. Storm {ConfettiDaydreams.com}

    SOOOO true – esp the bit about DIY! Many brides don’t realize that this can actually get super expensive if you don’t know where to find the materials at bulk prices. Really loving this series of afters Gee 🙂 xx


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