Handmade Christian Gifts | Editor’s Etsy Picks

We are officially in the gift giving season and here on KnotsVilla we could not be any more excited to start full on sharing with our readers various gift guides for the holidays. While we started unofficially about 2 weeks ago with the thanksgiving gift guide, here is the official start for the end of year holiday with these 16 Handmade Christian Gifts!

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Because here on KV, we¬† do not shy away from our christian faith, starting the holiday gift guides with these christian gifts seemed like a pretty neat idea! For our Handmade Christian Gift Guide, we’ve camped over at Etsy and spotted 16 of them that are pretty perfect! Featuring gift items for the creatives, beverage lovers, fashion forward ladies and more, these handmade gifts have the Christian faith written all over.

This holiday, give gifts to your christian loved ones that are not only functional or pretty but also helps them to keep the faith.

Handmade Christian Gifts | Editor’s Etsy Picks

Handmade Christian Gifts

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1. “I can do all things through Christ” Scripture wooden sign | 2. “This is my beloved…” wood slice lettering sign | 3. “She is more precious than jewels” Glass Glitter Cup | 4. “Be Still” Mug | 5. “Where you go,I’ll go; Where you stay, I’ll stay” Wall Art | 6. Be Still Burlap Pillow Cover | 7. “But the Lord stood at my side…” coffee mug | 8. Give me Jesus, Coffee & lip gloss Cup

Handmade Christian Gifts - kv

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1. Blessed Mama Tee | 2. Child of God Mommy and Me Outfit | 3. “He has made everything beautiful..” tank top | 4. Jesus Bracelet | 5. This Too Shall Pass Necklace | 6. Grace Upon Grace Sweater | 7. Saved by Grace Necklace | 8. Ten Commandments Charm Bracelet

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