A to Z Guide For Wedding Planning

Happy Monday friends, today is a pretty quick one for those planning their wedding and wish to plan it right. An A to Z Guide for Wedding Planning with a few Do’s, Don’ts and How’s, to make wedding planning run a lot smoother and brides be less of bridezillas.

Being a former Bride myself, as I gathered these bits of advice, I saw myself nodding a couple of times. Some of them I did and was glad I did, while a few I did not and I wish I did. So this guide is kind of me sharing my success secrets with you as well as some mistakes I made that I hope you’d avoid.

Enjoy, share and Pin my helpful A to Z Guide For Wedding Planning.

Guide for Wedding Planning A to Z

A – Agree to enjoy your day no matter what!

B – Budget and cut costs wisely. Ask your vendors for giveaways, wedding packages and discounts.

C – Convey your thoughts/suggestions/complaints in a respectful manner. Being a bride doesn’t give you a pass to rude.

D – DIY with caution. Not everything/everyone is DIY-able. Know when to hand it over to the Pros.

E – Entertain your guests with good music; the dancing is usually unforgettable!

F – Find the right vendors and trust them to do what you paid them for.

G – Grill your wedding vendors with the right questions to ensure everyone fully understands their role.

H – Have only supportive and true friends/family on your train. They’d make it more fun and less drama.

I – Include personal touches to your wedding. Let your guests know its your wedding and not yet another Pinterest wedding.

J – Joggle the tasks and delegate duties wisely. If anything seems overwhelming, ask for help!

K – Know your Bridesmaids; their strengths and weaknesses. This helps you delegate the right tasks to the right people.

L – Legality plays a key role with wedding planning. Don’t forget all the legal documents needed; licenses, visas, passports, etc.

M – Mind your wedding business and don’t try to compete with the last family wedding.

N – Never pick a vendor without reading reviews. Seeing their work is good but reading other brides’ reviews surely helps.

O – Organize your wedding planning. Get a journal to keep the details organized.

P – Pinterest can be addictive, proceed with caution or else decision making becomes more difficult.

Q – Question the étiquettes/traditions and follow only those you believe.

R – Research properly before diving in, there’s a truckload of info available to help planning easier.

S – Show appreciation to all the supporters/helpers; your wedding party, family, vendors etc.

T – Take breaks while planning because wedding planning can be overwhelming.

U – Understand all the details of the vendor contracts before signing; the return policy, insurance, etc.

V – Venting is okay when it is to your family and close friends, not random people on social media.

W – Wrap up all major projects/tasks early enough to reduce anxiety as the wedding day gets closer.

X – X out negative people, you really don’t need that kind of negativity while planning.

Y – Yield to the ideas of others. No bride knows it all, hear what others (others who matter) have to say.

Z – Zzzzzzz, catch enough sleep before the day of, to relax your nerves and enjoy your wedding day.

You’re welcome!

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