Guest Post | Art Deco meets City Modern: Amy Jo Tatum & Jim Vetter Photography


Most of you out there know me as Amy-Jo Tatum, the voice behind Bride Chic. First off let me say how honored I am to be guest blogging here on EWAM! When Gee asked me to blog a few weeks back, I knew then Art Deco Meets City Modern was the post I wanted to share.

There’s an interesting story behind this that poses the question: How long did it take to find the right spot to shoot 1930s style gowns? Try 4 years! That’s right, when you want to find a backdrop reflecting all the best of the Art Deco era, it can take awhile. My compliments to photographer, Jim Vetter who scouted out the perfect canvas for this project at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in San Francisco. This is a place I can sum up in one word—elegant! Says Jim, “As a photographer, my vision for this shoot was to reflect the reawakened interest in early 20th-Century stylings and set it against the metropolitan backdrop of modern San Francisco. The Mandarin Oriental was the perfect location; the décor is reminiscent of the Art Deco era while still feeling very current. I’ve shot Amy-Jo’s gowns in the past and just love their classic sophistication. These particular designs compliment the elegant photographic style, I wanted to bring into this project . . . . “Art-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-ShootArt-Deco-City-Modern-Wedding-Style-Shoot

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CREDITS: Photography: Jim Vetter Photography | Gowns: Amy-Jo Tatum | Makeup and Hair: Moderne Beauty | Styling and Jewelry: Mary Compagno of Nordstrom | Flowers: Floral Ornaments | Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, San Francisco | Menswear: Selix San Francisco | Models: Ginger Larsen, Rob Williams and Katie Siu

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