Green Wedding Color Combinations

2017 is the year you’d probably see the most of the color Green and we can’t be mad at it. It’s the color of nature, a color that makes us think of words like “fresh” and “organic”, clearly we can’t hate on such a perfect color. So with all that, we are highlighting different ways to make your green colored wedding shine bright this 2017 with these green wedding color combinations!

For this post, we’ve played with different shades of Green, from dark to light and found 10 other colors that would complement the color green for your event. Thinking of how to color your wedding right with a hint or more of Green, here are our 10 best so far!

From keeping it all Green with different shades of it all the way to neutral colors like Champagne, we’ve truly got you covered for your Green wedding!

Green Wedding Color Combinations

Green Wedding Color Palettes | Green Wedding Color Combinations

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  1. EBHA

    Green and gold is so elegant and romantic. Love it! Another combo for a formal spring wedding is pale green and black.


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