Green Beige Minimalist Wedding Inspiration

I can’t be the only one who thinks “Greenery” when you hear of a minimalist wedding! But truth be told, when greenery is just too much, it could be overwhelming and far from a minimal look. So you can try keeping it to a minimum like this Green Beige minimalist wedding inspiration.

This wedding style is fresh but with a lot of softer colors like – Beige and white, you can easily get that minimalist or neutral color vibe you want for your wedding. This color palette regardless of the time or era of your wedding, would always remain fresh and that in itself is a win!

Green Beige Minimalist Wedding Inspiration

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Tan groom photo by Vanilla Photography via Junebug Weddings | Metal Geometric Vase via Afloral | Boutonniere photo by Anna Peters via Wedding Sparrow | Cake by Nine Cakes, Photo by Jen Huang via Brides.

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