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With a vision to fill the day with things that meant something to Julie and Andre, the two tied the knot in a stunningly detailed gold pink rustic elegant wedding in Odessa, FL.

Gold Pink Rustic Elegant Wedding

“We chose decor that so much meaning to our story. We chose a location that was intimate and had tremendous meanings. It was a private home that hosted worship nights.

The theme of the wedding was rustic elegance. We had pops of raspberry here and there and gold sparkles showing up as often as possible. We wanted the night to be romantic but to represent both of our styles. He is rustic and charming, and I am elegant and regal.”

When: Sept 27, 2017 | Where: Odessa, FL | Theme: Rustic, Elegant | Colors: Pink, Gold |

Wedding Attire

“My dream dress was a gift from the ladies in my life who helped me in the process of learning to love again. The top was adorned with delicate sequins and beading and the bottom had the perfect amount of flair. When I put it on, it fit perfectly.

His suit was classic with a fitted vest and a tie that had little dots. It was the perfect amount of modern detail while still staying true to a classic black suit.”

Moments and Memories

“Our favorite part of the day was the first look. It was quite, and intimate. I walked up behind him and as soon as I got close I started crying. I couldn’t speak. I knew when I said his name he would turn around but I was frozen I could feel peace and feel the gravity of us coming together, and he could feel my presence even though he could not see me. It felt like the whole world paused and for a moment it was just us.

When he turned around, he was crying too.”

Wedding Flowers

“My mother, and event planner, put together my flowers for me. They were a mixture of colors roses that pulled in the decor accents perfectly.”

Wedding Cake

“Our cake was divine! It was a white cake with fresh coconut and strawberries sprinkled into the middle! Since we love dessert and our baker is incredible, we couldn’t just choose one option. We had a whole table of incredible sweets.”

Wedding Favors – Non Edible

“For our favors we choose keys that had our guests names tied onto them. Keys were a part of our story and how God brought us together so we wanted to add them into our day as they meant so much to us.”

DIY Deets

“I designed and created my own hair clip which I absolutely love and I have put it away for our own daughters prom or wedding. My mom helped gather our decor and we all worked together to decorate the entire venue. We styled, designed, and implemented the event pieces to completely transform the residence! It was gorgeous.”

Wedding Planning Advice

” My advice for couples planning is don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep your connection the main priority. Use this time to learn to work together, honor each others dreams and desires, and communicate your dreams while being willing to adjust for each other.

Work more on building the relationship then on the wedding. And when it comes to the day of, don’t rush a moment. Stop yourself and really be present. Take in the moments as they come and enjoy every one of them.”

Photography: Kristen Booth Photography | Stationery: Julie Story | Videography: Nate + Lori | Wedding Cake: Hands On Sweets | Hair: Katie Charos | Floral: Karen McDermott | Makeup: Sarah Otero | Headpiece: Handmade by the bride | DJ: Brittany Sound and Jon Hopkins | Submitted via: Matchology

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