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It’s another Tuesday and that majorly means one thing here in the Villa; Real Event Tuesday! Today’s wedding is full of family history and beautifully color coordinated with softness that makes every bit of it just too gorgeous! With the gold and blush hues and the pop of blue with the bridesmaids, this elegant wedding is here to give your Tuesday the perfect start.

Proposal Story:

“Justin and I were friends for four years before we went on our first date.  Having such a strong foundation, our relationship grew very quickly and after two and a half years of dating, Justin planned an elaborate proposal involving our closest friends and family.

Under the guise of Valentine’s Day, that morning he presented me with a romantic agenda of sweet moments we would share throughout the day together, starting with a bouquet of red roses and chocolates for breakfast, followed by a rose and a lunch date.  For dinner, I was told we were going to the Waldorf where we would enjoy champagne and fireworks.  But before dinner, he had planned for us to take our two Westie puppies on a walk around the lake that our condo overlooks, dressed and ready for our date.

Knowing I would be running late, he said he’d take the puppies downstairs first and for me to call when I was on my way down to meet him.  On my way out, the doorman of our building presented me with a rose, which Justin had asked him to give to me.  Upon reaching the lake, I ran into my sister, who also had a rose, since she “happened” to run into Justin as he passed by where she was conveniently having a drink.  As I walked the direction Justin said he would head, I then ran into three more sets of friends, each of whom handed me a single red rose and told me Justin was just a bit farther away.

By this point I was thinking this was an awfully involved Valentine’s Day and wondered why so many of our friends would share their night to help us celebrate ours. The final couple I saw with a rose was my parents, which is when I knew this was it.  They had our dogs, and as my mom tearfully handed me my final rose, she pointed to a grassy point by the water, where Justin was standing, on a bed of rose petals, waiting for me.  I walked up with what was now a full bouquet of red roses, tears already falling, and once I reached him, Justin got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.  It wasn’t until after I said yes, that I turned around to see every one of our friends and family I had seen on my walk standing around us cheering.

There was no dinner at the Waldorf, but a celebratory cocktail party planned back at our place.  We drank champagne and celebrated a beautiful night together.  Our dinner reservations much later in the evening turned out to be at the restaurant where we had our first date.  It was a perfect, meaning-filled night that we will always remember. ” – The bride, Jules

Gold-blush-wedding-dress-details Gold-blush-wedding-dress

Jules agrees that the wedding dress sets the tone for the wedding. Knowing this, she wanted a dress that would reflect femininity, glamour, have some sparkle and make her feel like a princess. She first spotted the design online,  found where it was sold locally, made it her first appointment of the day and was the first dress she ever tried on.

“I knew right away it was The One” – Jules wrote.

They didn’t have enough time to order one, so Jules bought the dress off-the-rack, which coincidentally was the color and size she needed. Something pretty awesome about Jules’ dress experience was the fact that this gorgeous dress had not been tried on by anyone before her; guess that was always Jules’ dress right from the beginning!

Gold-blush-wedding-shoes-accessories Gold-blush-wedding-makeup-bride Gold-blush-wedding-bridal-shirt

Honoring Family – the Accessories:

This elegant wedding of Jules and Justin was heavily focused on honoring their family. Jules wore her sister’s veil, earrings and bracelet which have become family heirlooms ready to be passed down to other women in their families. Though Jules and her sister have very different tastes and styles, her sister’s accessories from her wedding (10 months ago) were the perfect match for Jules’ wedding.

Gold-blush-wedding-bridal-accessories Gold-blush-wedding-bridesmaids-stairs Gold-blush-wedding-father-daughter-first-look Gold-blush-wedding-father-daughter

Honoring Family – the Home:

“My parents have lived in the same home for more than 30 years.  When asked by my photographer where I wanted to take my bridal portraits, my immediate answer was my childhood home.  With its grand, historic, southern, charm, I knew it would be the perfect backdrop. It was also my first choice for where we would all get ready and take bridal party portraits.

We had eight bridesmaids and eight groomsmen get ready on different floors of the home.  We chose to do a first look and it was important to us to have a sense of tradition mingled with this modern trend.

Instead of being just the two of us, my dad walked me down the staircase to meet Justin who was waiting at the bottom.  Our bridal party and both sets of parents looked-on as Justin turned to see me for the first time as his bride. We then had a private moment, away from the group, where we were able to share our hearts with each other. Those were really special moments for us before the whirlwind began. ” – Jules

Gold-blush-wedding-grooms-boutGold-blush-wedding-first-lookGold-blush-wedding-first-look-groomGold-blush-wedding-bridal-flowers Gold-blush-wedding-bridesmaids Gold-blush-wedding-couple-outside Gold-blush-wedding-couple-out Gold-blush-wedding-party Gold-blush-wedding-brides-shoes

Honoring Family – the Church:

Another detail of honoring the family in Jules and Justin’s wedding was the church used for the ceremony. This was the same church Jules’ grandparents and parents got married and also the same church where Jules was baptized. Though the grandparents have passed, this was a way for Jules to honor their memory and their family legacy by getting married in the same church.

Gold-blush-wedding-ceremony-down-aisle Gold-blush-wedding-couple-church Gold-blush-wedding-church-kiss Gold-blush-wedding-rings Gold-blush-wedding-couple-outdoors

The Reception

Gold-blush-wedding-reception-table-flower Gold-blush-wedding-flower-table Gold-blush-wedding-table-setting-frame Gold-blush-wedding-paper-goods-stationery

“From my work in marketing and events, the printed pieces at our wedding were really important to me.  I wanted them to coordinate and set the tone for the wedding and reception.  I designed the invitations I sent to my bridesmaids, as well as the wedding program and menu card.

My favorite piece was our wedding invitation.  So many invitations end up being forgettable so I wanted ours to be something our guests took note of.  From the calligraphy, the gold script, the gold polka dotted lining on the envelope – every detail was perfect and reflective of the tone of the wedding – classic, chic with a touch of glam.  Many guests mentioned keeping the entire set, saving the envelope as well as the invitation, because they thought they were so beautiful. ” – Jules

Gold-blush-wedding-reception-table-flower-purse Gold-blush-wedding-stationery-reception Gold-blush-wedding-reception-flowers Gold-blush-wedding-sign Gold-blush-wedding-cake-topper

Jules and Justin’s cake topper was the same one her grandparents used in their wedding.

Gold-blush-wedding-cake Gold-blush-wedding-mr-mrs-sign Gold-blush-wedding-kiss-dancefloor Gold-blush-wedding-drink-sign

Wedding Advice from Jules:

As an event manager I understand the value of working with vendors you trust, whose work is reputable, and whose attention to detail is as meticulous as mine.  I wanted to know that all the details I had planned could be handed off to those who would execute well.  My goal was to let myself fully enjoy my wedding day without having to be in charge or worry about the logistics.  And that’s exactly what I was able to do.  Do your research, ask the right questions, don’t assume – confirm, and once it’s time to hand the baton off, you’ll be able to relax knowing you’ve put your big day into the right hands.  Something unexpected will always come up.  Be flexible and know that once your wedding day is here all that matters is getting to marry the man you love more than anything.

The most important vendor relationship I had was with my photographer, Kathy Thomas with Kathy Thomas Photography.  She shared in my excitement every step of the way and helped navigate logistics day-of to ensure we captured the photos we needed to tell our love story.  She was the most important vendor I booked and she did an AMAZING job. The photography from our wedding day will help us relive those special moments again and again, and to us there is nothing more important than that.

The second most important vendor relationship I had was with our venue.  We chose the Winter Park Racquet Club due to the relationship we had with the event manager, Alexis Dickenson. My sister had held her wedding there just 10 months prior and I was impressed by the service and care that was provided.  We didn’t have to worry about a thing. I knew Alexis would handle everything seamlessly and I wouldn’t need to do anything that day but enjoy being a bride.

Having only a five-month engagement we had to make decisions efficiently and quickly move onto the next detail.  What that length of engagement prevented was time wasted rethinking decisions, changing my mind or putting too much thought into something.  Go with your gut, balance tradition with a touch of trend to make your wedding timeless yet relevant.

We had the opportunity to do an engagement shoot with our photographer, in addition to my bridal portrait shoot.  What that allowed us to do was get comfortable in front of the camera together and allowed our photographer to get to know us as a couple.  Once our wedding day arrived, we were comfortable with showing affection in front of a camera which allowed the real emotion of the day to shine through the lens.

* * * * * * *

Vendors: Photographer:  Kathy Thomas Photography | Caterer: Arthur’s Catering | Makeup Artist: Faces by Shannon | Equipment Rentals: Fenice Events of Orlando | Dress Store: Minerva’s Bridal Salon | DJ: FyerFly Productions | Apparel: The Black Tux | Cake Designer: The Sugar Suite | Jewelry: Victoria Jewelers | Invitation Designer: William Arthur | Reception Venue: Winter Park Racquet Club | “Please don’t take my drink I’m dancing Coasters” by Tea and Becky Submitted via Two Bright Lights

To be honest, I have too many favorite details from this wedding but the “Please don’t take my drink” idea is topping them all now, so fun! How about you? What details of this wedding are you loving the most?

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