“God Gave Me You” Rustic Wedding by Darin Crofton Photography

Isn’t the name of this wedding as catchy as “catchy” can get? Too many reasons to fall in love with today’s “God gave me you” wedding including the fact my hubby and I used this song for own wedding! It’s always makes my heart skip to see Christian weddings so thanks to Darin Crofton Photography for sending this heartfelt wedding of Mike and Jeanna our way!

About the “God Gave Me You” Rustic Wedding

When: August 29, 2015 | Where: Odessa, Florida | Theme: Rustic, Christian | Colors: Tan, Pink, Ivory

The couple tied the knot this August in a Rustic wedding in Florida. What was meant to be an outdoor wedding ceremony turned out to be somewhat of an indoor one due to the heavy rain, however the two love birds did not let it damper their joy.

With the focus of their wedding being their Christian faith, Jeanna and Mike included a cross which was the center of attention during the ceremony. They had their florist put fresh flowers on it with vine wrapped around the bottom. The cross was made from old wood from Mike’s parent’s dock which was cut and stained it together.

More details about their personalized wedding included their handmade wedding invitations with card-stock from Etsy and more Etsy goodies like mason jars for centerpieces, vow books, wedding gifts, bridesmaid robes and hangers.

With a handmade Photo Booth, christmas lights, sheer curtains and borrowed a whole bunch of props, Jeanna and Mike let their guests have a lot of fun while celebrating their union. Cameras were also rented from WedIt which allowed guests to take pictures and record throughout the wedding, even during rehearsal dinner, which was able to be compiled into a video. Jeanna found it to be an affordable option because videography wasn’t in the budget.

God-gave-me-ou-bride-rings Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography God-gave-me-you-rustic-wedding-country-boots Darin Crofton Photography God-gave-me-ou-brideDarin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography God-gave-me-you-rustic-wedding-kids Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton PhotographyDarin Crofton PhotographyDarin Crofton Photography

About the Couple

Mike and Jeanna met at Florida State College, Jacksonville, where both had sports scholarships. Mike played baseball and Jeanna played softball. They met while were getting their sports physicals with their different teams, and while they were there Jeanna heard Mike talking to one of his teammates about going to church with him that Sunday.

Jeanna had been looking for a local church to attend and she asked Mike if she could go with him that Sunday. Mike agreed to take Jeanna to church with him that Sunday and they exchanged numbers. After they got done with sports physicals, Jeanna’s teammates told her that’s the cute Mike that had been asking about her. Mike texted her that Friday to hang out and watch a movie and after that night they were inseparable!

They went to church that Sunday of course and has God continued to be at the center of their relationship and marriage.

Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography God-gave-me-you-rustic-wedding-couple

The Proposal

Mike proposed on April 11, 2014. Jeanna was still in nursing school at UCF and Mike was back home in Seminole, FL applying to Physical therapy programs and working part time. Jeanna was going to visit that weekend with Mike and his family and on her way over, she received a phone call from Mike saying that he had to go into work for a couple hours last minute but his mom was home and wanted to go kayaking with her to the island.

Jeanna didn’t think this was anything out of the ordinary because he frequently got called into work last minute and they knew she loved kayaking to the island since they lived on the intracostal waterway.When Jeanna arrived to the house she got ready and went kayaking. Upon arrival, Jeanna noticed a random kayak pulled onto shore and was a little hesitant because there wasn’t usually anyone else on the island. As they docked, Jeanna walked up to the kayak to see who was there and noticed Mike’s keys.

Mike’s mom nervously screamed, “Jeanna is this writing in the sand?”. Jeanna looked over and written in the sand was, “JEANNA WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Then Mike comes walking out from behind the tress with a huge grin on his face, got down on one knee and asked Jeanna to marry him. She said YES! Then Mike told her he got into his top choice Doctor of Physical Therapy program. The most special part was that his mom was there to get pictures and after she left they had some alone time to be together and pray over their relationship and new season of life.

Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography God-gave-me-you-rustic-wedding-guest-book Darin Crofton Photography Darin Crofton Photography God Gave Me You Darin Crofton2 Darin Crofton Photography God-gave-me-you-rustic-wedding-props-photobooth Darin Crofton Photography God-gave-me-you-rustic-wedding-lighting

Wedding Planning Advice

What Jeanna liked most is that she had so much time to plan the wedding, but booked a majority of her vendors early (more than a year) to secure their availability. “Find your venue first, then work off of their preferred vendors, you won’t be disappointed”. – Jeanna

Another advice is brides, “don’t try to include your groom with every detail. Some men (but not most) enjoy planning a wedding along side their soon to be wife. If your guy doesn’t seem interested, don’t take it personally, he’s a guy! Take him to fun things like food tastings and cake tasting, and things that you think he should have a say in. Let him build things and work with his hands (Mike built & stained the cross and unity braid sign)”. – Jeanna


Photographer:  Darin Crofton Photography//Event Planner: Blue Skies Events//Caterer: Affordable Catering//Cake Designer:Apron’s Event Planning at Publix GreenWise Markets//DJ:Grant Hemond & Associates//Groomsman Attire:Men’s Wearhouse//Dress Designer:Stella York//Makeup Artist:The Destiny & Light Hair & Mak-up Group by Priscilla Marie//Event Venue: Old McMIcky’s FArm//

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