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With the holidays recently over, a lot of ladies most likely rang in the new year with a new bling! These could be friends or family members who you hold dear to your heart and would like to say more than “congratulations!”

How about you do more with a gift? We have the perfect engagement gift ideas your new bride-to-be will absolutely love and need!

Remember, a huge part of gifting is thinking of things that the receiver would actually need and use, not something to collect dust on the shelf over the years. So being one who was once in this position, I had to think of things I’d have found super useful at that particular point in my life – the phase between the engagement and the actual wedding.

Engagement Gift Ideas

1. Fashion/Styling: These may be the least important but if we were to go stage by stage, this is usually the first category of gifts people reach for specifically because they are fun. They are perfect for those who just got engaged and are in the very happy phase because they haven’t gotten knee deep into the frustrating stage of the actual wedding planning.

The things that help you flaunt your newly acquired relationship status! We are talking clothing items, jewelry or other accessories that say corny but fun words like “bride”, “bridey”, “she said yes”, “#blackbridemagic” and the rest.

2. Decor/Accessories/Memorabilia: Still not yet into the actual wedding planning stage, another fun gift a newly engaged will appreciate would be decor items or accessories that are particular to the proposal moment. So think of the perfectly framed photo of him down on one knee, or the bling picture, etc.

There’s more to this than pictures though! How about if your proposal location was in a city you both visited for the first time? Like Paris or specifically by the Eiffel tower? Then a newly engaged would be sure to cherish a fancy Eiffel tower key-holder, a wall art or something even more specific to the trip for the couple.

A countdown wall sign is another perfect options. Grab your bride-to-be friend something this cute she can look forward to changing ever so often as she anticipates her big day! On the real though, nothing says excitement like a countdown sign!

Mugs are a favorite when it comes to brides and wedding planning! You can only imagine the amount of coffee a bride would need once she gets into full wedding planning mode and a fancy mug like these to help her remember the joys of being a bride-to-be would always be win-win!

3. Wedding Planning Resources: Now at some point, your once-upon-a-time happy bride-to-be may begin to look like someone totally different with all the stress that could come with the actual process of wedding planning. During this not-so-glam phase of being engaged, wedding planners, books, and magazines may come in very handy!

Find the best of the best, don’t go for planners/books/magazines that just dump a truckload of pretty photos without really helping you navigate through the actual stress of the process. Find great resources that would help her know key things such as how to pick the right vendors, the right questions to be asked, how to get good deals, how to save up for the wedding, etc.

Always read up on the reviews to see what actual brides are saying, so you are sure your gift would be useful to her.

4. Wellness: Still in the stressful period of wedding planning, she would appreciate gifts that would help her calm her nerves. If she’s into it, think of a spa day, mani/pedi outings, activities that are relaxing and would help her take a break from the wedding planning.

5. Ring Care: Now not every groom knows to insure his bride’s ring, or not everyone chooses to do so. So ring insurance would be a great gift for a bride who doesn’t already have one.

In addition to the insurance, how about a ring cleaning service? Granted, not every bride has this (I certainly don’t), but if it was gifted I’m pretty certain most of us would appreciate and in fact actually use it.

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