Getting Ready for the Wedding: 6 Accessories for the Ladies

Today’s post is one for the bride and bridesmaids who appreciate a quick, stylish and relaxing girl-time. This could definitely be me if only I learned to shake the nerves off on my wedding day. But the good news is that you can; you can both be stylish and relaxed while getting ready for the wedding!

The morning of the wedding, many people are everything but relaxed, the strive for perfection raises all the nerves and that way people are more prone to errors. For example, I was the bride that forgot to bring out my menu cards from the nicely packed suitcase on the day of my wedding!

So this post is really all about taking time for the bride and bridesmaids to relax on the morning of the wedding but also to do it with style. Not only would your nerves thank you but your maids and photographers most likely would.

Here are 6 accessories you would need to get ready in style and relax the morning of, thanks to Plum Pretty Sugar for these items!

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Getting ready plum pretty sugar

Item list (all from Plum Pretty Sugar except Drink): Various Prints Coat Hangers | Kimono Style Robe | Splendid Slippers in Various Prints | Pink. Love. Poppy Headband | Hello Pretty Totes | Drinks photo by Heidi Lau Photography | Bridesmaids photo by Jana Williams Photography via Plum Pretty Sugar

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