Fruit Centerpieces: 12 Inspiring and Colorful Fruity Centerpieces

Let’s enjoy something fruity shall we? Today I have gathered 12 very gorgeous and colorful fruit centerpieces solely for your inspiration. Whether it’s from the cost angle (full floral centerpieces can be pricey) or just your love for fruits, these fruit wedding centerpieces should make your Thursday a bit better. Personally I’m a fan of fruit centerpieces, because many of them are useful even after the event. But not just that, I believe when done right they are just gorgeous!

The common fruits used for centerpieces are apples, oranges, lemons but do not limit yourself to just those. Think of your wedding color palette and if you are fruity girl, find the perfect fruit to display on your tables. Some people even go as far as painting the fruits to fit the theme, that’s a great idea but I wonder if they are edible after that – I’d rather stick to using fruits just as they are, planning the perfect event with those natural fruity colors.

These photos for your inspiration have been split into 4; the sliced fruit fillers, whole fruit fillers, fruit vases/holders & very fruit-full centerpieces.

♥ Sliced fruit Fillers


Photo by Andi Mans Photography | Floral Design by Lee Forrest Design via SMP


Photo by Susan Bolling Photography


Photo by Le Blanc Photography by Tooney White via Hostess with the Mostess


Photo by Brian K Crain


Photo by Kristyn Hogan via Studio Wed

♥ Whole fruit Fillers


Photo by Kenny Grill Photography via A Good Affair


Photo by Kelly Sweet Photography via SMP


Photo by Captured Photography By Jenny on Every Last Detail

♥ Fruit Vases/Holders


Photo by Mary Costa Photography | Designed by Sugar and Cloth

♥ Fruit-full Centerpieces


Photo by OneLove Photography


Photo by Ali Harper via Project Wedding


Photo via Young House Love

I have to confess, I’m a huge fan of having fruits as the fillers with flowers in the vase, those top ones are my faves!

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