Foggy Frosty Engagement by Joanna Moss Photography

Most KV readers know Joanna Moss Photography is no stranger to the blog and it’s always pretty exciting to see her work featured on here. Not only do her photos feel closer to home because she is based here in Canada, but also because they are usually what KV readers appreciate – themed, colorful and/or unique! Today’s foggy frosty engagement is yet another one that is sending chills down our spines (pun intended) with the love and photo perfection!

About the Foggy Frosty Engagement

The week of Mary and Cody’s engagement session was completely foggy which created the most amazing frost on the trees and bushes all over Pitt Meadows. This engagement session gives us an enchanting/fairy tale vibe with the white frosty glow from the fog. The only thing that wasn’t frosty was Mary and Cody – their love shined through; their warmth is contagious.

Foggy-Frosty Engagement-008 Foggy-Frosty Engagement-007 Foggy-Frosty Engagement-006 Foggy-Frosty Engagement-guitar-cowboy-country Foggy-Frosty Engagement-joanna-moss Foggy-Frosty Engagement-british-columbia Foggy-Frosty Engagement-003 Foggy-Frosty Engagement-bc Foggy-Frosty Engagement-005 Foggy-Frosty Engagement-002 Foggy-Frosty Engagement-shoot-ring-shot Foggy-Frosty Engagement-ring Foggy-Frosty Engagement-shoot Foggy-Frosty Engagement-session-couple Foggy-Frosty Engagement-tree Foggy-Frosty Engagement-001 Foggy-Frosty Engagement-session Foggy-Frosty Engagement-pair Foggy-Frosty Engagement-knotsvilla

About the Proposal

“Cody told me that he had something planned that day and kept it a secret until the day of. He told me to dress warm and then he blindfolded me. We drove for a while and when we got there he gave me a big kiss and pulled my blindfold off and pointed over to the helicopter parked beside us and said “we are going flying in that.” He said that there was a guy who was a tourism Vancouver photographer and we were tagging along with him while he took some pictures of the mountains.

We flew up and had an amazing view of the city, and the amazing coastal mountain range. We flew and landed on the very highest peak of the mountains nearby and took a little walk. He got down on one knee and popped the question! The whole time the “tourism photographer” was snapping pictures of us and after I said yes Cody told me that the two guys were only there to make this happen for me and that he wasn’t a tourism photographer at all but rather he was a photographer friend brought with us to capture the love! (Luckily our pilot was a real pilot lol) But we got our special moment captured 🙂 6000 feet elevation at the top of the world. We flew back and spent the day together and it couldn’t have been better!” – Mary


Photographer: Joanna Moss Photography//Makeup Artist: Scarlett Bridal & Beauty Makeup Inc.//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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