10 Floral Wedding Invitations – Editor’s Etsy Picks

Yes, we really mean this floral print business on Knotsvilla this week, this is how we finally celebrate the Spring season, better late than never right? Because Spring is all about the flowers coming back to life and reminding us of nature’s beauty, we decided to celebrate today with some really eye catching Floral Wedding Invitations spotted on Etsy.

These Floral Wedding Invitations found on Etsy are versatile not only in the designs but the theme and feel of everyone of them, whether it’s romantic, rustic, vintage or more.

So get to choosing your favorite floral print wedding invitations!

Ps: This post contains affiliate links. If purchases are made through them, KV gets compensated.

1. Spring Floral Wedding Invitation Set. Etsy Store: Minimal Moon


2. Printable Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation Set. Etsy Store: Smiling Tag


3. Blush Teal Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation Printable. Etsy Store: Print Appeal


4. Grey Pink Romantic Floral Wedding Invitation Set. Etsy Store: My Crayons Papeterie


5. Pink Floral Wedding Invitation. Etsy Store: Paper Heart Company


6. Spring Garden Floral Wedding Invitation Set Printable. Etsy Store: Smiling Tag


7. Modern Watercolor Rustic Floral Wedding Invitation set. Etsy Store: Wink Design


8. Shabby Chic Mason Jar Printable Floral Wedding Invitation set. Etsy Store: Mint Cloud LLC


9. Rustic Floral Antlers Wedding Invitation. Etsy Store: Paper Heart Company


10. Peach Blue Floral Wedding Invitation Set. Etsy Store: Yellow Brick Graphics


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